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Is Mars Express a good movie The first spectators give

Successfully screened at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, “Mars Express” was released in theaters this Wednesday, November 22. What do the first spectators think?

The title Mars Express will be familiar to those who followed the last Annecy International Animated Film Festival from afar. Although it did not leave with the Feature Film Crystal, the most important prize of the event awarded to Linda Wants Chicken, it is one of the opuses that left the biggest impression.

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Directed by Jérémie Périn, who had signed several episodes of the Lastman series, this ultra-generous and referenced animated and science fiction film takes us to Mars, in 2200, during an investigation led by a detective and her android partner. In a city where danger lurks around every corner. But what do the spectators say about it?

With an average of 4 out of 5 (the same as that of the press) obtained thanks to the 118 people who rated it, this makes it one of the twenty best films released in 2023 (with the same score as The Three Musketeers or Dry Herbs for example). And in terms of animation alone, it is currently between the 3.9 of Elementary and the 4.1 of Super Mario Bros.


“Damn, what a monumental slap in the face, one of the best animated films for adults of the last 10 years”exclaims François Lwho admits he can’t believe it and gives it the maximum score of 5 out of 5. Already excited by the team’s previous productions (including Lastman), this Internet user was not disappointed by their passage on the big screen, which he considers more than successful. “The animation and aesthetics are top notch, the dialogues crack like a whip, biting, cynically funny, superbly dubbed.”

Ambition and quality of animation are two of the terms that often come up among the most excited spectators. As Alex hamdan (5 stars) which talks about “pure pleasure for the eyes and ears”while Philippe Cristin gives it the same rating and mentions “lots of great finds” and Moviegoers 44 (4 stars) salute the “singular paw” with which the film addresses classic science fiction subjects.

Damn, what a monumental slap, one of the best animated films for adults of the last 10 years

Kivodulh (4.5 out of 5) goes in the same direction and is delighted that “without being ‘never seen before’, Mars Express brings its share of very creative ideas”. And the nationality of the film is also seen as an asset: “we can only encourage this type of attempt” pour Larbin D (5 stars), about this “FRENCH animated film, which surprised me with big slaps”shout loud and clear Leo DESS (5 stars too), which highlights the quality of the dubbing, another strong point that comes up regularly.

“Dubbing has often been penalized in recent years by the concern to include names to ensure promotion, almost invariably undermining the work itself, here finally holds up”precise ooooooooo (4.5 stars, 5.5 less than there are “o” in his nickname).

Finally, the very current themes addressed in the story, and in particular artificial intelligence, give a little depth to the substance: “The storyline is relevant but the ending leaves us wanting more”specifies (and regrets) M_wombat (3 stars), speaking of a “successful animated film designed for the international market.”


“It’s good. But it’s not a work place”announcement from the outset My Master (3 stars), for whom Mars Express does not reach the power of an Akira. Which does not prevent him from praising the work put in and the food for thought that the whole thing offers. Shawn777 (2 stars) is less convinced by this film “which struggles greatly to captivate its viewer”despite a more than laudable ambition.

Mars Express therefore has some really good ideas but are drowned in too many references and above all in a rhythm that is far too sluggish.

“Mars Express therefore has some really good ideas but are drowned in too many references and above all in a pace that is far too sluggish.” Too much homage kills the homage? This is also what I think Beerus (1.5 stars), which pulls no punches with the film: “It lasts 1h25 but we feel them passing (…) The scenario is full of clichés and situations seen a thousand times, cheesy homages (the T-1000 running with its blades, transferred…)”


Internet users like the ambition of Mars Express. The quality of its animation, its dubbing, its very current themes and its references.

But these are not unanimous. For others, its influences detract from its originality and the rhythm leaves something to be desired, despite a fairly short duration.

And you ? What did you think of Mars Express?

*Notes as of Thursday, November 23, 2023

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