Is Le Temps des secrets the best film of the week? – Cinema news

Is le temps des secrets the best film of the week? - cinema news

To help you make your choices, here are the 3 films of the week best rated by the press and spectators on AlloCiné!*


1st: Bruno Reidal, confession of a murderer – 4.1/5

“Bruno Reidal is the first feature film of a heterogeneous and already fascinating filmography, where an obsession stands out: the search for an underground presence. Bruno Reidal is thus the story of a hidden life, of a fight against impulses buried.” By Philippe Fauvel (Cahiers du Cinéma)

“A debut film that impresses with its disturbing subject matter and clinical staging that takes the form of historical drama rather than thriller.” By Stéphanie Belpêche (Le Journal du Dimanche)

2nd: Feathers – 3.93/5

“With this tongue-in-cheek fable where the patriarch of a poor family is transformed into a chicken, the Egyptian Omar el-Zohairy signs a formidable first film between social realism and disturbing strangeness.” By Sandra Onana (Liberation)

“If an acid humor sometimes tempers this social criticism, which may prove to be too extreme for the general public, this first film constitutes the birth certificate of a great filmmaker, whose name, Omar El Zohairy, must be remembered. ” By the editorial staff (Le Parisien)

3rd: Shadow of a Lie – 3.9/5

“Bouli Lanners’ near-silent performance is imbued with pure sensibility, and the extraordinaire Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones) arms her arm with radiant melancholy.” By Nathalie Chifflet (Latest News from Alsace)

“On an island in the north of Scotland, the Belgian actor and director, Bouli Lanners, stages an amnesiac character and a moving love story. This modest film reveals new facets of his talent.” By Olivier De Bruyn (Les Echos)


1st: Shadow of a Lie – 3.8/5

“Very nice film, delicate, sensitive, soft and aesthetic. The photography is beautiful, the actors are touching and the story is bright, not to mention the excellent soundtrack. A must see!” By Marie-Line V

“Magnificent landscapes of Scotland and a confusing scenario. Exceptional actors in a very intimate game.” By sydney

2nd: The Brigade – 3.75/5

“Previewed, funny, moving and militant film! I love it, subject treated in a subtle and elegant way! Extraordinary actors!!! Director who treated his subject well, well done, go see it quickly!!!!! ” By buckwheat mylene

“A sensitive subject approached with a lot of humor and delicacy. We go from laughter to tears without realizing it! A big congratulations to the actors who are so endearing!” By Cédric SINTES

3rd: The Time of Secrets – 3.7/5

“What a pleasure to find this beautiful film reinvented in our time. Certainly the accents sometimes lack naturalness, certainly the film cannot compete with the previous ones but nevertheless what a joy to hear the cicadas sung and this tribute paid to the native of my country !” By LeCinephileAffamé

“Very beautiful film, very moving. A real bubble of happiness. Everything is successful, Christophe Barratier has taken up the challenge, to take over from Yves Robert, and there is nothing to complain about. The acting of the actors, their accent just, the sets, the story.” By Nicholas D.

* According to the ratings of the AlloCiné barometer, on Friday March 25, 2022, for films released in theaters on Wednesday March 23 with at least 10 reviews for the top press and 50 ratings for the top viewers. These two tops do not include films already released once or several times in France.

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