Is Captain America a virgin? She-Hulk finally answers one of the biggest questions of…

Available since Thursday August 18 on Disney+, She-Hulk features Jennifer Walters, cousin of Bruce Banner alias Hulk. The post-credits scene of the first episode puts an end to the rumor about the virginity of Steve Rogers!

It’s a question that’s been debated among Marvel fans for years: Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), aka Captain America, is he a virgin?

Considering he was cryopreserved – as a very young man – for six decades, then immediately thrust into action with a years-long battle to save humanity and then the universe, some fans have theorized that Cap never had sex. At least, until he stays in the past to grow old with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) at the end ofAvengers: Endgame.

It turns out that those theorists include Jen Walters (Tatiana Maslany), the star of the new Disney+ series She-Hulk: Lawyer. And Marvel finally gives us a definitive answer to this burning question.

In the first episode of the series, the delicate subject of Steve Rogers’ virginity is debated from the start when Jen and Bruce are in the car. She affirms that by dint of spending his time saving the world, then by becoming a fugitive, he did not have time to think about his sentimental or sexual life and that he remained a virgin.

Bruce is apparently bored by this conversation which we guess they have had several times before. But in the post-credits scene, the truth finally comes out.

Steve Rogers is not a virgin“, says Bruce, still stuck in Smart-Hulk, to a Jen who pretends to be drunk, as they chain the drinks set up at the bar of his small isolated house in Mexico. “He lost his virginity to a girl in 1943 during the USO tour.“FYI, the USO is the United Service Organizations, an association that provides moral support to members of the military.

Yes I knew it !“, exclaims Jen, drunk with joy. “Captain America has bai—!“You guessed the rest. Disney cut it short because overly colloquial or vulgar language is still off the air.

Is Captain America a virgin She Hulk finally answers one of
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Pure joy!

Twitter reacted with undisguised delight after the episode aired, including Chris Evans himself, who shared a tweet with some laughing crying emoticons as well as a face with a zipper. Tweet to which Mark Ruffalofacetiously, replied: “Sorry, bro. It was under extreme duress.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment the showrunner and executive producer of the series Jessica Gao explained why the series brought up Rogers’ sex life for its launch.

It’s just a question a lot of people who’ve watched Marvel movies have asked.“, she says. “Many of these questions [dans la série] about what happened in the MCU are the result of actual conversations we in the writers room have had with our friends or with each other. And that’s something a lot of us talked about in the writing phase: it would be such a shame if one of the greatest men of all time, with that sexy ass [sic]can end his life without ever having known the loving embrace of a woman.

In case you missed it, Jessica Gao refers to another Marvel joke: the butt beauty of Steve Rogers, who in Endgame was dubbed “america’s ass“!

In another interview with varietythe young woman explains that the She-Hulk team validated the thing with the head of the studio himself, Kevin Feigewhich actually provided them with the company’s official response:

I can’t describe to you how thrilled and shocked I was that not only was Kevin OK with answering the question, but that he provided me with the canon answer.“, she said. “This comes straight from Kevin’s golden mouth.

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