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To help you make your choices, here are the films of the week with the highest ratings by the press on AlloCiné!*


1er: The Return of the Swallows – 4.1/5

“More than a film, The Return of the Swallows is an immense song of love, poetry and humanity.” By Laurent Cambon (

“The ravages of the policy of forced modernization, documented with sophistication by a Jia Zhangke, are treated here with something of the simplicity and force of traditional tales.” By Jean-François Baillon (Positive)

2nd: For France – 3.9/5

“Pour la France is passionate, and emerges from each scene a desire to do battle with the institutions and a love letter to his deceased brother.” By Emmanuelle Spadacenta (CinemaTeaser)

“Like A Little Brother, by Léonor Serraille, released last Wednesday, Pour la France twists the neck of many clichés about immigration and uprooting.” By Etienne Sorin (Le Figaro)

3ème: Traces – 3.5/5

“The demanding script, the richness of the characters, the rural atmosphere of this remote village and the beauty of the images contribute to a film with a disturbing strangeness, bordering on the fantastic.” By Jacky Bornet (Franceinfo Culture)

“A little long, the film nevertheless has a dramatic force, underlined by the dark staging. Moral fable, by a conviction: violence is a cancer.” By François Forestier (L’Obs)


1er: 2 – 4/5

“Excellent entertainment where gags follow one another, enough to have a good laugh!” By Damien Jaureguy

“We laugh from beginning to end. At the height of Philippe Lacheau’s previous films. Great cast and crazy pace. Brilliant!” By Gyom L.

2nd: For France – 3.8/5

“A breathtaking film rich in emotions! I strongly recommend! Everything is there! Both very beautiful from a cinematographic point of view, this film combines emotions and a strong message!” By Leonard M.

“The emotion is at its peak, the actors are captivatingly sensitive.” By Faiza Bahha

3ème: Frosted Heads – 3.7/5

“Finally a good French feel good movie! I loved it! And I shed my tears. The actors rock. The story is great.” By Sylvain B.

“Clovis Cornillac is touching, authentic, invested. I really liked Claudia Tagbo in an unusual role.” By Metall Urgeek

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* According to the ratings of the AlloCiné barometer, as of Friday February 10, 2023, for films released in theaters on February 8 with at least 10 reviews for the top press and 50 ratings for the top viewers. These two tops do not include films already released once or several times in France.

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