Iron Man: THE scene that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Iron Man: THE scene that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Corentin Palanchini

Corentin Palanchini

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Kevin Feige’s MCU has taken the place of the western and the 30s to 50s serial, so Corentin is following this take-over with attention. Writing the FanZone show for years made him dig into the secrets of this multi-platform connected universe never before seen in the history of cinema.

The first official Marvel movie launched by Kevin Feige, “Iron Man” obviously kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008, but one of his scenes alone heralded everything to follow.


In 2008, Iron Man was the cornerstone of what would later become the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is a tidal wave that saves Marvel Entertainment from bankruptcy and brings in $ 585.36 million worldwide, including 2 million admissions in France.

At the end of the film, Iron man announces the ambitions of producer Kevin Feige for his universe if success were to be at the rendezvous: he intends to appear other superheroes and bring them together in a feature film Avengers. We can understand this by discovering the post-credits scene:

There is in this scene both a new character (Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson) and the announcement of a project called “The Avengers Initiative”. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) notably learns that he is not the only superhero in the universe.

Technically, this scene takes place a few years after a visible scene in Captain Marvel, in which we see Nick Fury starting to design Project Avengers. We discover that originally, Fury called it the “Protector Initiative”, which he renamed “Avengers Initiative” in homage to Carol Danvers, whose pilot nickname was … Avenger.

The rest is history and the 22 films that followed Iron Man and now the adventure continues with series and other films coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Check out the mistakes of Iron Man, listed by the talented Michel and Michel:

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