Iron Man: the little musical wink that announces the end of the film

Clement Cuyer

Clement Cuyer


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Did you know that a little musical wink slipped into “Iron Man”, broadcast this Wednesday evening on 6ter, announced one of the great final revelations of the super-heroic feature film?

If Tony Stark had been a bit of a music lover, maybe he would have realized sooner that his “friend” and mentor Obadiah Stane was going to want him down! A little musical wink letting imagine this fatal design slips discreetly into the super-heroic feature film Iron Man, broadcast this Wednesday evening on 6ter.

In one of the Iron Man scenes, the character of Obadiah Stane, played by Jeff Bridges, plays the piano. So far, nothing that may seem worrying for the future of Tony Stark. Except that Stane does not play just any song: he indeed performs a composition by the Italian Antonio Salieri, better known for having been the friend and the rival of Mozart, and perhaps having caused his death …

A little culture in classical music could therefore have saved Stark some annoying inconvenience. But that would probably not have allowed the launch of a certain Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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