iPhone 12 Event Details Expected From Apple This Week

If your current iPhone seems like it’s on its last legs and you’re hanging on for the release of the iPhone 12, then prepare to hang on a little bit more.

Customer hopes of an imminent unveiling were raised and dashed within hours on Sunday when two prominent Apple tipsters posted tweets about the company’s hotly anticipated next-generation smartphone.

First up, Jon Prosser tweeted, “Apple press release is currently scheduled for Tuesday (September 8) at 9:00am EST — though, I should note that it’s not locked in until the press has been briefed, day of.”

This had many wondering if Apple’s press release would actually come with details of the new line-up of iPhone 12 devices, along with information about the next version of the Apple Watch.

But just a few hours later, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman — a reliable source of inside information from the tech giant — suggested fans should take a few deep breaths before getting their hopes up.

“I wouldn’t get too excited about rumors of new Apple products appearing this week,” Gurman wrote. “More likely I think: an announcement of the upcoming (of course virtual) September iPhone/Apple Watch event.”

An announcement about an announcement

So there we have it. The most we’re likely to get from Apple on Tuesday is an announcement about an announcement. But for many folks desperate for details about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 handsets, that may be enough to help them sleep more soundly in their beds tonight, knowing that within 48 hours we’ll be another step along the path to the phone’s eagerly awaited release.

With the coronavirus pandemic causing major disruption globally since early in the year, predicting the launch date for an iPhone has been trickier than ever for tipsters and analysts.

Prosser last month claimed that Apple’s iPhone 12 unveiling event will take place in the week of October 12, with shipping of the new devices starting the following week. In the meantime, here’s everything we know so far about Apple’s new iPhones.

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