Inventing Anna on Netflix: the crazy but true story of a scammer addicted to luxury -…

Best-selling designer Shonda Rhimes delves into the case of a con artist who made headlines in 2018 after scamming New York’s social elite. “Inventing Anna” is not to be missed on Netflix.

Inventing anna on netflix: the crazy but true story of a scammer addicted to luxury -...


In Inventing Anna, a journalist who must prove herself investigates the case of Anna Delvey, the legendary German heiress on Instagram, who not only stole the hearts of the gratin New Yorkers but who also robbed them! Is Anna just the queen of the scam… or downright the new heroine of the American dream?

Inventing Anna, a series created by Shonda Rhimes.


Winner of two Emmy Awards for her role in the series ozarkJulia Garner is the star ofInventing Anna, new project by Shonda Rhimes. She embodies the false German heiress, Anna Delvey or rather, her real name, Anna Sorokin.

The actress gives the reply to Anna Chlumsky, who appeared in the drama My Girl with Macaulay Culkin or the series Veep. She plays a journalist who is determined to investigate this fascinating affair.

Alongside them are a few familiar faces, like Laverne Cox (Orange Is The New Black), Katie Lowes (Scandal), Anna Deavere Smith (philadelphia), Jeff Perry (Scandal, Sex Crimes), Anders Holm (Workaholics) or even Arian Moayed (Succession).


His life was destined to end, one day or another, on the screen. Three years after her conviction for fraud, Anna Delvey sees her destiny adapted into a series under the leadership of Shonda Rhimes, the most powerful woman on American television. On the other side of the Atlantic, this news item became known thanks to numerous press articles which relayed the testimonies of the victims of the scammer.

In France, the young woman is unknown, but Inventing Anna should be a game changer. In a few words, here is her story: from 2013 to 2017, Anna Delvey posed as a wealthy German heiress. She travels all over the world, frequents the most beautiful places and spends the money she doesn’t have. A great manipulator, she stands out as a new figure in New York social life. But after the lie, comes the fall.

Inventing anna on netflix: the crazy but true story of a scammer addicted to luxury -...

“Inventing Anna” is the new series produced by Shondaland, the company of Shonda Rhimes.

To return to this luxury deception, the series follows the work of a fictional journalist, Vivian (Anna Chlumsky). She is assigned an investigation into a story of harassment in the heart of Wall Street, but prefers to dig into the mystery that surrounds Anna Delvey. Against the advice of its editors, it launches into its research.

Like a real journalistic investigation, Inventing Anna tells the sequence of events through the point of view of those who crossed the path of the crook in the dark glasses. A good idea that allows you to take a step back from his complex personality. Shonda Rhimes’ project opens the doors to a luxurious world where money and dirty tricks are king. And unsurprisingly, the viewer is quickly captivated by this plot crazier than fiction.

In parallel with her investigation, the journalist visits the pseudo-heiress in prison to collect her version of the facts. Like the Silence of the Lambs – a cult thriller in which agent Clarice Starling visits Hannibal to extract information from him – their relationship develops in interesting ways.

Inventing anna on netflix: the crazy but true story of a scammer addicted to luxury -...

Anna Delvey or Anna Sorokin (Julia Garner) in her prison cell.

Between unhealthy fascination and real benevolence, the two women forge a certain complicity. Julia Garner, whose resemblance to the real Anna Delvey is disturbing on screen, delivers an excellent interpretation. She manages to make her character mysterious and menacing. On his side, Anna Chlumsky – a real central character in this story – is convincing as a journalist put to the test by his hierarchy.

Inventing Anna rests on a solid foundation. His story is so unthinkable that it naturally arouses interest. Nevertheless, the series suffers from a few lengths and would have deserved to be shorter – on average, the 10 episodes last between 55 minutes and 1h15. The project remains a success and interestingly explores breach of trust and its collateral damage.

Inventing Anna is available on Netflix.

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