Inventing Anna on Netflix: in what can we see the star of the series, Julia Garner? -…

Available on Netflix, the series “Inventing Anna” confirms the talent of its main actress, Julia Garner. A look back at three other significant roles in his career, to be discovered urgently.

The star of Inventing Anna is her. Her name may not sound familiar to you, yet Julia Garner stands out as one of the most promising actresses of her generation. In Shonda Rhimes’ series, she lends her features to Anna Delvey, a young manipulator who poses as a wealthy German heiress to better dupe the New York elite.

Disturbing and often detestable, his character fascinates viewers above all. The actress met the real con artist in prison and appropriated her voice and her approach to better embody her on screen. The result is stunning. To discover the work of Julia Garner before Inventing Annaa look back at three important roles in his career.

Julia Garner in… The Americans

Inventing anna on netflix: in what can we see the star of the series, julia garner? -...

Long before becoming the news it girl from Netflix, Julia Garner had already marked the minds of series fans thanks to a stunning performance in seasons 3 to 6 of The Americans. She plays the role of a teenager, Kimmy, whom Philip Jennings – the Russian spy who poses as an American citizen played by Matthew Rhys – manipulates as part of one of his missions. He seduces her to put a microphone in the briefcase of his father, the head of the Afghan CIA group.

The whole story arc is quite disturbing because Kimmy is very much in love with Philip (who uses another identity for this mission), a grown man significantly older than her. The latter, having a daughter almost the same age, cannot bring himself to give in to her advances. All the while, Julia Garner plays the smitten teenager’s score perfectly. Far from the traditional image of the Lolita, it is on the contrary very touching.

Julia Garner in… Ozark

Inventing anna on netflix: in what can we see the star of the series, julia garner? -...

If Julia Garner had already stood out in The Americans, it is indeed the series Ozark which devoted it. The role of Ruth Langmore has also earned her two Emmy Awards as her performance has marked the small screen. Her interpretation of a young delinquent ready to do anything to get by in the mountains ozark impresses with its balance between strength and fragility.

Alongside Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, playing the Byrde couple at the head of a major money laundering operation for local criminals and the Mexican cartel, Julia Garner demonstrates all her talent with a very worked and realistic Southern accent . Far from resting on her laurels, the young actress continues to reveal herself from season to season in the Netflix series as her character gains in power and intensity as she goes from petty criminal to seasoned businesswoman.

Julia Garner in… The Assistant

Inventing anna on netflix: in what can we see the star of the series, julia garner? -...
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Very present on the small screen, the actress is also illustrated in the cinema. She played small roles in Charlie’s World, the sequel to Sin City or even Martha Marcy May Marlene, but it was in Kitty Green’s The Assistant that she really exploded. She plays Jane, a young woman who dreams of becoming a producer. To get started, she accepts a job as an assistant to a Hollywood magnate.

First feature film inspired by the Harvey Weinstein affair, The Wizard is a cold and anxiety-provoking thriller about the daily misogyny suffered by the new employee. The threat weighs heavily on his shoulders, yet it is almost invisible. The producer only appears offscreen, so the viewer has no choice but to rely on the heroine to feel his dread. With this serious and powerful role, Julia Garner proves that she can carry out a project on her own.

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