Interview with Tattooist EQ – Capturing The Oriental Beauty

Landscape tattoos are more than mountains and sky. In this interview with tattooist EQ, she shares how she create one-of-a-kind tattoos.

Tattoos have evolved from ancient culture to beautiful designs that capture the world’s attention. While many people are looking for creative and futuristic designs that no one has seen before, some artists prove to us that traditional art has more to offer.

South Korean tattooist EQ is one of them. She surprises her audience with sophisticated fine art on the skin that looks like a painting.

Through sleek lines, elaborate details, and vibrant colors, she has introduced oriental beauty to the world and made her one of the rising stars in the South Korean tattoo industry.

I took the chance to talk to tattooist EQ about her journey to becoming a tattooist, her views on art and tattoos, and how to choose a good tattooist. If you are considering a tattoo or are searching for a design, this interview with tattooist EQ may give you some fresh perspectives.

Tattooist EQ interview

The start of career

Becoming a tattooist is a challenging career that requires a lot of time and dedication. You have to have the passion and the know-how. And it’s no exception for tattooist EQ.

As an artist, EQ has always been learning new things and exploring different art forms. So her friends suggested she give tattooing a try. However, the first encounter with tattooing was intimidating as she felt nervous putting a needle onto the skin of a human.

But she didn’t stop there. She overcame her fear by practicing on a rubber board. And as she practiced more, her accumulated confidence and skills helped her transition into a tattooist.

Since a young age, tattooist EQ has been fascinated by traditional paintings, especially the ones of oriental landscapes. But to recreate such fine art on the skin is not easy. It requires a high level of skills, a critical eye for beauty, and the ability to innovate.

To do so, EQ has been drawing pictures of nature and traditional art. Then, as she advances in tattooing, she is able to put together the two elements to develop a strong personal style.

Sophisticated oriental style

The first time I came across tattooist EQ’s portfolio, I was amazed by all the details in her tattoos. If you cover the skin around the tattoos, they look like a painting instead of tattoos. And all her work shows a strong personal style, but each of them seems slightly different.

“I put various oriental elements into one small rectangle. It gives the viewers a feeling of peaking out from a window. And you will find a vase collection of symbols, animals, natural elements, and landscapes out there. It makes you want to go out of the window and explore.”

By changing color schemes and elements in the tattoo, tattooist EQ put forward an extensive collection of cohesive landscape tattoos. But the challenge is the position of different elements.

“You have to take the colors and objects into consideration. It’s better if they reflect the receivers’ stories and personalities. Usually, there will be trial and error before finding the perfect arrangements for everything I want to include in a tattoo.”

Wolf and moonlight tattoo by @tattooist_eq

Initially, I thought most of her clients would be locals or people from other Asian countries because of her signature oriental tattoos. But surprisingly, many of her clients come from different countries, with the US taking up most of her client base.

“I think traditional art is captivating for clients from the west for good reasons. Most tattoos are made up of dots, lines, and shapes, while traditional paintings have many more elements to play with. The abundance of elements in these artistic tattoos gives people room to express themselves.”

Also, traditional landscape tattoos are more than the look. They can also be meaningful and personal.

“One of my clients came to me because he lost his brother in an accident. And he wants a tattoo to grieve and remember him. So I customize a tattoo for him. And I feel so proud to be able to create a tattoo that touches hearts.”

Black dragon tattoo by @tattooist_eq

How to find a good tattooist

For most people, getting tattoos is a lifelong commitment. And it can take a long time to do the research needed before making up one’s mind. And finding a good tattooist is just essential as looking for a good design. To make the process smoother, tattooist EQ shares her advice.

If you are getting your first tattoo, you can first narrow it down by picking a style and color scheme. You can then search for tattooists that fit your aesthetics. Take a look at their portfolio and save the ones you like.

“Not every client that comes to me for their first tattoos knows exactly what they want. But when they tell me what they love about my previous work, it helps me to figure out what style they are into and what colors they want for their tattoos. And we can start from there to create something interesting. So always ask when you are not sure.”

When searching for a good tattooist, EQ points out the importance of communication.

“Aesthetics and skills are key. But ultimately, a tattooist’s job is to deliver the image in the client’s mind. Without smooth communication and compassion, this would be impossible.”

Tattooist EQ

If you want to know more about tattooist EQ, check out EQ’s Instagram profile. Or leave a comment down below to ask her a question.

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