Instagram launches Threads, a brand new messaging app for Close friends

Instagram launches  Threads, a brand new messaging app for Close friends

The world’s popular social networking site has brought a new Camera first messaging app named Threads. The thread is a brand new messaging app that is specially designed to be used by closest friends. 

Instagram launches threads, a brand new messaging app for close friends
Instagram threads

This app lets users quickly share videos, photos, and text with their Close friends.  As this app constantly invites passive sharing of your locations, details, status, and other intimidating data, people might go crazy with privacy issues.  Most of them might also reconsider how they’re using the close friend’s list. If you’re one of them, then you can check it in this post.

Instagram’s new threads have three core components. The primary core component is the Camera. This is generally the default screen whenever you open the app. This core component is just for taking photos and videos. In this thread, you will not find any filters. 

But the best thing is it offers customizable shortcuts for your close friends. It works like this if you mainly use the app to message two or three people? Then you put their profile photo right at the bottom of the camera screen. You can take your photo, tap their photo, and swipe up to send.

With this special process, the sending of pics and texts is blazingly faster than other messaging apps.

Threads is a Camera first messaging app that is perfectly designed to create a dedicated private space for close friends. As you might be wondering about its cool features, let’s have a look at them.

Features of brand new thread messaging app:

We’ve found these special features in the brand new camera first messaging app threads. 

You can Message only to your close friends:

With this app, you can share your personal moments with the selected group of close friends. As you will be provided with the dedicated inbox and notification list just for your close friends, you will love the app. If you don’t have a list of close friends, you can create the list easily when you download the app.

Share Pictures and Videos Blazing faster than other apps:

Threads are one of the fastest ways to share your personal photos and videos with your close friend’s circle on Instagram. This directly opens the camera and allows users to add shortcuts. So, you can share everything with just two clicks.

Find Out what friends are up to with their status:

If you’re eager to find out what you’re friends are up to with their status? then you can use threads to keep an eye on them effortlessly without spending lots of time. Sometimes we really don’t get time to share status, so that threads will be useful in those cases. In threads, you can pick suggested status, or you can create your own. 

There is also another option called auto status. This option shares your little bit of status, such as (on the move) and others.  Your close friends can only see all these statuses. It’s completely up to you.

This feature was created based on privacy factors. So, you can control whether you can share them with your close friends or choose contacts in close friend’s groups and so on.

Continue using Instagram as you do normally:

Threads messaging app has its dedicated home for your close friend’s conversations. So, you really don’t have to miss out on your Instagram home page. The threads app will appear in both the direct message and threads space as well. You will have full control over whom to interact with how to interact.

This is all about Instagram’s new threads app. Let’s wait and wait for its upcoming features and how users will receive this app in the future.

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