Inside Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor’s Private Romance

Inside Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor’s Private Romance

“My lifestyle choices are, uh, unconventional.”

That’s what Sarah paulson Told Editing in 2017, and the 46-year-old was not referring to the various roles she took on during her eight seasons on FX’s american horror story, which include a witch, Siamese twin sisters and a heroin addict.

No, the Golden Globe and Emmy winner was hinting at her relationship with Holland Taylor, which has earned Paulson his share of headlines over the years. Why? Due to their age difference, which is 32, while Holland turns 78 on January 14, the two women publicly acknowledging their awareness of people’s fascination with their romance over the years.

“I’m with a much older person, and people find it totally fascinating and weird,” Paulson said, “and to me that’s the least interesting thing about me.”

That hasn’t stopped people from being fascinated by the private and chic couple, who started dating several years ago. But in 2014, Paulson said he was single and single.

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