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Available on Netflix, the Spanish series “Innocent” adapts the eponymous novel by famous writer Harlan Coben. Real success on the platform, will a season 2 project see the light of day?

Rhythmic and addictive, the Spanish fiction Innocent seems to have found its audience. Small box on Netflix, the adaptation of the thriller of Harlan Coben signs a new fruitful collaboration between the platform and the author. For all the other series, such a critical and public success should ensure the start of a season 2, but that will not be the case for the program carried by Mario Casas. Designed as a mini-series of 8 episodes, Innocent transposes the entire novel – with a slightly different ending – and does not open onto a sequel.

In of the words collected through the site, Harlan Coben explains that, although it is not necessary to “never say never“, he strongly doubts that season 2 will see the light of day.” Vou have all the answers to the mystery. We don’t end with an open end. I don’t like to do this, I don’t find it fair for viewers“, he continues. If a season 2 were to be released, the writer let it be known that a new idea would have to be started. The narrative arc around Mat, Olivia, Lorena and Teo was, meanwhile, written as a full story.

These statements are not surprising. Just take a look at the previous adaptations of Harlan Coben which have never had a second season despite their great success. The master of the thriller’s next miniseries, Disparu Forever, will be French and lead, among others, by Nicolas Duvauchelle, Garance Marillier and Finnegan Oldfield. Release expected soon on Netflix.

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