Ingrid Chauvin in La Vengeance au triple gallop: “It was a big gap, it was …

In parallel with “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Ingrid Chauvin appears tonight in the credits of the parody of Canal + “La Vengeance au triple gallop”, alongside Alex Lutz and Audrey Lamy. She came back for us on this very different experience.

Ingrid chauvin in la vengeance au triple gallop: "it was a big gap, it was...
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From high school Agnès Varda de Demain belongs to the “federal court of Christian New Mexico” of La Vengeance au triple gallop on Canal +, there is only one step, or almost, for Ingrid Chauvin.

The star of the daily TF1 soap opera, who has been lending his features to Chloé Delcourt for a little over four years now, is indeed part of the luxury cast of La Vengeance au triple gallop, the new Canal + comedy written and directed by Alex Lutz and Arthur Sanigou, which will be broadcast this Monday, October 4 at 9:05 p.m. on the encrypted channel and is none other than a parody of the cult Australian soap The Vengeance with two faces.

And if Ingrid Chauvin admits to having been surprised and touched by Alex Lutz’s proposal, she obviously did not hesitate for a long time before agreeing to give the reply to Audrey Lamy, Karin Viard, Guillaume Gallienne, or Leïla Bekhti.

“Alex left me a message and said ‘I’m preparing a two-faced Revenge parody and I have a role for you'”, explained to us the flagship actress of Tomorrow belongs to us during a recent interview carried out within the framework of the Festival of the fiction TV of La Rochelle.

“I was extremely touched. And delighted because I love this series. And then it was all done very simply. I did not believe it, I did not feel legitimate. And finally I had a really experience. owl. So offbeat, so different from what I live with on a daily basis. With someone, Alex Lutz, who humanly is just extraordinary in simplicity, talent, and authenticity. He is full of ideas at the second. C ‘ was a great human and professional experience “.

Ingrid chauvin in la vengeance au triple gallop: "it was a big gap, it was...
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Present during a capital scene of the plot of La Vengeance au triple gallop, in the role of an examining magistrate, Ingrid Chauvin thus inherited a role “very different” of the one she’s been wearing since 2017 in Tomorrow belongs to us. And if this big gap was obviously enjoyable for the star of Dolmen and Women of the Law, it was nonetheless complicated on the set.

“It was a big gap. It was complicated for me to find myself judge, in front of this assembly, all alone”, continues Ingrid Chauvin at our microphone. “Me, who comes from TV, in front of all these people from the cinema. I had the impression of passing a casting sometimes (laughs). And then in the end it was done extremely simply, we took a lot of pleasure. There is only Alex Lutz to bring all these beautiful people together. And with a ship captain like Alex, it can only go well. Because he is extremely respectful and, suddenly, since it emanates from him, everyone is just as much “.

A very beautiful experience which confirmed Ingrid Chauvin’s desire to go more towards comedy. A register which, in Tomorrow belongs to us, during lighter narrative arches, already fits him like a glove.

“I would love to star in more comedies”, admits the one that we find every evening on TF1. “I’ve always wanted to. People know me in that register on stage, and not at all on screen. But I dream about it. I love it, I even need it. love this rhythm “.

It therefore remains to find the right projects. And time too, since the role of Chloe in the TF1 series is already taking a lot of time. “I don’t have much time. We should put a little more comedy in Tomorrow belongs to us, that would already be great. But it is not obvious. It is not that signature either, it is not. is not the definition of the character. But it’s true that as soon as I can go to comedy, I go “.

The Triple Gallop Vengeance trailer, also available on myCANAL:

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