Info on Samsung Galaxy watch 4 processor leaks

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Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority


  • We now have some leaked info related to the processor that could land on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.
  • The leak contends that the onboard CPU could be much more powerful than what we saw on the Galaxy Watch 3.
  • The processor could be called the Exynos W920. This means Wear OS 3.0 could finally reduce reliance on Qualcomm.

Thanks to SamMobile, it’s possible the new Galaxy Watch lineup could land with an Exynos-branded chipset known as the W920. This would be a slight branding change, as previous Samsung watches have mostly used the Exynos 9110, which launched in 2018.

According to SamMobile, the W920 could be much more powerful than its predecessor. Allegedly, it could offer 1.25x faster processing speeds with 8.8x smoother graphics performance. SamMobile’s source contends that it could be paired with 1.5GB of RAM as well, at least for the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

We are essentially certain the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series will land with “Wear OS 3.0,” which is what we’re calling Google’s and Samsung’s new joint operating system until they announce the actual name. The rumors about this chipset are interesting, then, because Qualcomm chips dominate the Wear OS ecosystem currently. There’s nothing stopping manufacturers from using other chips, but almost every Wear OS watch uses a Snapdragon model. With the news of this Exynos W920, we can only hope it will force Qualcomm to stop treating wearable silicon as an afterthought.

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