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If you’re worried that the next “Indiana Jones” will overuse jokes about the hero’s age, rest assured: Harrison Ford says they were cut from the movie.

Is he too old for these bastards? Maybe, but don’t count on him to say it. In an interview given to The Hollywood ReporterHarrison Ford claims that jokes about the age of the hero have been cut from the next Indiana Jones, which is due for French release on June 28.

“There were a lot of jokes about his age in the script. We took them all out”explains the actor, who takes the hat and the whip for a fifth and last time. “There’s a moment when he looks at himself in the middle of a situation and says, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ But I hate what I call ‘commenting on the story’.”

“I want situations where the audience has the opportunity to experience the story, not be led around by the nose with things that are highlighted to them. ‘talk about.” While Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has stuck with many fans for different reasons, The Dial of Destiny already promises to do better on this front.

Which does not mean that this new adventure, signed James Mangold and more Steven Spielberg, will be devoid of humor. The director and his lead actor talk a lot about reconnecting with the spirit of the original trilogy (and not just through the digital rejuvenation of its star in the opening sequence), and the comedy here could spring from the exchanges, which the we imagine quills, between Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who embodies the goddaughter of the hero.

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