Indian railroad worker saves child from oncoming train

I see the CCTV, were sent to Twitter from India of the Ministry of Railways, sprinting, he shows who is at work in the garrison spoke to Vangania Station in Mumbai, that he might deliver them, who came to the body of a boy with a sped from the string.

A workman that is the reward of a little boy, I have lifted up onto the front of the rostra it would be a hit.

And the television service, pointsman Mayur Shelkhe as “Good Samaritan”.

“We salute the courage of extraordinary devotion to his job and lead the youth,” added in the Tweet.

Indian Railways is the world’s fourth largest rail cars, and India is the biggest say :.

What India & # 39;  company's network is so deadly
2020 to March 25, the rail network was suspended when the first season of the year 167 Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a nationwide lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic.
A month later, the railway operator has announced plans to march back many years in patients with 20.000 vehicles were separated towards the virus spread.

India is currently acting in the wave of coronavirus worsening. On Saturday, the country reported 261,500 new cases – the highest in a single day, up figure, according to data from the Indian Ministry of Health.

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