India and China agree to stop sending troops to disputed Himalayan border

India and China agree to stop sending troops to disputed Himalayan border

Indian and Chinese senior military commanders met Monday to stabilize the actual control of the line to the tensions of the (milk), is loosely defined as the line that divides the two countries in various sectors.

The joint is said, both sides agreed to strengthen communication on the ground to avoid misunderstandings or to act as a complicated thing. “

They also change the status of some kind might be unilateral, the action on the ground, according to the statement.

Another high-level military negotiations to be held “as soon as possible,” it said.

Since the tensions are set to breach the Indian Himalaja impact study about force in June and running deescalate seemed to fail.

At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed in that incident, the most serious border conflict with China at the age of 40. China has never acknowledged any casualties among the noise.

Gatherings once put it between top Chinese and Indian military officials on both sides called for calm, but in early September as well as New York and Beijing accused one another and against the law to cross over into its own territory, leading to a fresh bout of saber-rattling from both sides.
A week later, China and India accused the troops of firing the shots Warning against sin ╗-Indian border, reportedly the first time such a case, more than four decades. But for violating bilateral agreements with other complaints from both sides taking “cult” activities.
Istarumque diameters off in India and China are the Himalayas again.  How worried should they be?

India and China share a long 2,100 mile (3,379-kilometer) limits the region of the Himalayas, but both sides.

The most recent controversy is about Pangong Tso, also strategically situated you take some 14,000 feet (4,200 meters) above sea level that spans the distance from India borders Ladakh to give the evening meal, the island government of Tibet, the greater geranium region, India, China, Pakistan and all claim of right, into friendly territory.

Empire line itself is done according to the known limits of the Institute Following the 1962 Sino-Indian war. In this way, however, shows that in the maps, and India and China in order and its precise limits are not fitting; ye bring forward against them in its place of the other person, or do you seek to expand the borders of their own are bombarded on.

In 1996 the two countries signed agreement both drugs which opens fire 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) from the milk is “less risky military operation.”

CNN’s Nectar Gan, Gupta and Swati James Griffith attention.

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