In the blind spots on Netflix: what to understand from the end of the horror thriller?  - Cinema News

In the blind spots on Netflix: what to understand from the end of the horror thriller? – Cinema News

Available from April 29 on Netflix, Into the Blind Spots is a horrific thriller that features a drifting couple who must face dangerous spirits. The film ends on a strange note, so what do we understand from the end?

Be careful, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen the movie In the Blind Spots before continuing to read this article.

Written and directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, Into The Blind Spots is an adaptation of the novel All Things Cease to Appear by Elizabeth Brundage. This horrific thriller follows the descent into hell of Catherine (Amanda Seyfried) and George Clare (James Norton) having moved into a farm in the Hudson Valley. Their home, seemingly perfect for family life, turns out to be haunted by the spirits of the former owners, the couple Calvin and Ella Vayle, strangely missing.

The couple was already struggling, but the ghosts of the farm will push them to their limits and especially reveal the dark side of George. While cheating on his wife with Willis (Natalia Dyer), a young student, we learn that he lied to be hired as a professor at Sanigaw University.

Anna Kooris / Netflix

When his boss Floyd (F. Murray Abraham) and his colleague Justine (Rhea Seehorn) understand his shenanigans and lies, George will not hesitate to assault or kill them. The same goes for Catherine, warned by Ella’s spirit, who was planning to leave with their daughter. George savagely kills her with an ax, in the grip of Calvin’s mind.

Believing a burglary gone wrong, George pretends nothing has happened when the police investigate Catherine’s death. But Justine finally wakes up from a coma and lets George know that she knows everything. Trapped, the father derails and goes to sea by boat while sailing towards the flames which engulf him.

The curse continues against male oppression

This latest image of George rushing into flames on the open sea is a direct reference to the painting Valley of the Shadow of Death by George Inness who is on the cover of the book Heaven and Hell from theologian Emanuel Swedenborg, which Floyd had given to George on his first day at college.

Screenshot / Netflix

Emanuel Swedenborg theorized on the principle of correspondences between the spiritual world and the material world, which interpenetrate without a solid border. According to him, the individual could freely choose between heaven and hell after death in the intermediate place of spirits according to his personality, workers, altruists and emphatics would rather go to heaven while individualists, greedy for power and haters would be more interested in hell.

George’s vision of the flames and the sea is a blurrier version than the painting and with one important detail: the cross that shines in the sky is inverted, thus suggesting that George is going to hell, as ordered by the spirits of Catherine and Ella who accompany her on her voyage at sea:

“Damned soul. The spirit world is neither heaven nor hell. We are in between. We have lost our children. Because of you, we are united in spirit. Thanks to you, our powers. grow, little drops in an endless sea “.

Anna Kooris / Netflix

The wife of Reverend Smit, the first owner of the farm, mysteriously disappeared (surely killed by her husband) not without having cast a curse on the house thanks to her ring, which Ella and then Catherine then recovered. Reverend Smit’s wife wanted to damn the souls of power-hungry, unfaithful and murderous men to make sure they land in hell.

This woman’s spirit spoke to Ella and Catherine, who accepted their sinister and inevitable ends so that the power of these scorned women would increase against their oppressive husbands in perpetual pursuit of domination. Calvin killed his wife Ella and his spirit remained to haunt the farm. Catherine’s spirit joined him after being killed by George. By following the spirits, George and Catherine fell under the curse. And the next couples who will live on the farm thereafter should suffer the same fate.

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