In some cases, saying “OK Google” could be an option

In some cases, saying “OK Google” could be an option. This is a little concerning.

  • You can perform Google Assistant tasks with Quick Phrases without needing the hot word “Ok/Hey Google.”
  • This feature is in development, and you will be able to set alarms, manage your music, and much more.
  • It is not yet clear when Quick Phrases will be available or what devices will support them.

To get Google Assistant to do certain tasks on your smartphone and smart home devices, you may no longer have to use “Ok/Hey Google.” 9to5Google discovered more information about the feature codenamed “Guacamole,” which was first reported in April by the publication. Google may call this feature Quick Phrases.

In some cases, saying "ok google" could be an option
In some cases, saying “ok google” could be an option

Ok Google

You can set or cancel alarms, control music, set reminders, and ask questions about the weather. You can also control and set timers and other functions. These activation phrases will be listened to by your phone along with “Ok, Google.” It’s too early to raise alarm bells without more information about Google’s plans to “listen” to these phrases and what it will do to this data. It’s a concern nonetheless for a company that is constantly under fire in the privacy realm.

In July, Google provided Android Authority more information about hot word detection and audio processing. Google stated that if no activity is detected, they will not send the audio snippets to Google.

Quick Phrases will likely work in the same manner. This still leaves the possibility for a lot more data collection because of overlaps in everyday conversation. I will say “pause the song” to people as much as to my smart speaker or phone.

It’s not all doom & gloom. It’s still in development. It’s still being developed, and it’s unclear when or what devices will be available. It seems that this will include this feature in the new Pixel 6. You can choose to disable this feature at any time. You can also choose the phrases that you want to use. You can also disable Google Assistant if you don’t want it.  

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