In October on Prime Video: the finale of the Rings of Power, the sequel to the documentary on Orelsan,…

In October on Prime Video the finale of the Rings

The month of October is here with its share of new features, such as Darknet-sur-Mer or Peripherals, without forgetting the last 2 episodes of the Rings of Power, on October 14, and the long-awaited sequel to Never Show This to Anyone, on Orelsan.


Darknet-Sur-Mer – Friday, October 7

The peaceful town of Ponet-Sur-Mer, in the heart of the island of Oléron, finds itself turned upside down by the arrival of Alkan and Veran, two ruthless Albanian mobsters. Their targets? Ben and Flo, two budding geeks and hackers, who had the misfortune to shed light on their flourishing business on the Darknet.

Darknet-sur-mer, an effective and quirky comedy in 6 episodes, arrives on October 7 on Prime Video. Co-signed by Remy Four and Julien Warthe director duo behind La Grande Classe, she reveals to the cast a Arthur hilarious as an Albanian criminal, as well as Theo Fernandez (The Tuches), and Josephine Drai (Plan Heart).

Peripherals, the worlds of Flynne – October 21

On October 21, head to Prime Video to Peripherals, the worlds of Flynnean all-new series of anticipation from the creators of Westworldwith Chloe Grace Moretz headlining.

Based on the novel by William Gibson, the 8 episodes transport us to a future where technology alters reality. Switching between timelines, heroine Flynne Fisher explores a gripping post-apocalyptic future in which humanity faces its destiny…

The Descent – ​​Saturday October 1

Since October necessarily rhymes with Halloween, this program would not be complete without a little detour to thrilling cinema. This month, a few horrific titles are joining the platform, such as February, La Colline a des Yeux, and Run Sweetheart Run.

But for the more adventurous among you, meet with The Descent from October 1 on the platform. In this feature film released in 2005, we follow 5 women trapped in the depths of a dead end cave and inhabited by strange evil creatures… And if you want to prolong the pleasure, The Descent 2, the second part of the diptych, joined the platform the same day!


Django – Saturday, October 1

Django lands October 1 on Prime Video. Here, there is no question of a western signed Quentin Tarantino, but rather a biopic centered on Django Reinhardt, legendary guitarist and gypsy jazzman, confronted with the German occupation.

To embody this virtuoso – who, however, had a badly burned and atrophied left hand – Reda Kateb delivers a moving performance, alongside Cecile of France and singer Beata Palya.

Queens – Tuesday, October 18

Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians, The Terminal List), Keke Palmer (Nope), Julia Stiles (10 good reasons to dump you), singers Cardi B, Lizzo and above all Jennifer Lopez : here is the awesome cast of Queensto discover from October 18 on the platform.

In this sulphurous comedy released in theaters in 2019, a handful of strippers combine their efforts and their charms to rob the wealthy bigwigs of Wall Street. The adaptation of a true story, sublimated by a soundtrack filled with cult music, all at a frantic pace.

Argentina 1985 – Friday 21 October

Argentina 1985 arrives on October 21 on the platform: an Amazon Original feature film that deals with a pivotal period for Argentina, just freed from the military dictatorship.

In the 1980s, a determined team of lawyers launches a historic lawsuit against those responsible for the bloody regime, in search of the ultimate truth. This poignant and breathtaking film is by Santiago Mitre, a filmmaker already noted for his political films rooted in South American history, such as El Estudiante and El Presidente.

The Devil’s Hour – Friday, October 28

Every night, Lucy is awakened at 3:33 a.m. by horrific visions. As she loses her footing with reality, a series of murders connects her to a mysterious serial killer hunted by the police… Steven Moffat, the showrunner of Sherlock and Dracula, takes on the role of executive producer of The Devil’s Hour : a guarantee of quality.

On the casting side, it is Jessica Raine (Becoming Elizabeth, Jericho) and Peter Capaldi (the 12th doctor from Doctor Who) who share the poster for the 6 chilling episodes of this series, to discover on October 28 on Prime Video…


Gemini Man – Monday, October 3

Associated Scammers – Monday, October 10

Joker (Wild Card) – Monday, October 17


Django – Saturday, October 1
February – Saturday October 1st
Too beautiful ! – Saturday October 1
The Little Stranger – Saturday, October 1
The Farewell Affair – Saturday October 1
Veronica Mars – Season 4 – Sunday, October 2
Catherine Called Birdy – Friday, October 7
Animal Kingdom – season 5 to 6 – Sunday, October 9
never show that to anyone – the continuation – Thursday, October 13
The House at the End of the Street – Saturday October 15
Bone Tomahawk – Saturday, October 15
The Holiday – Saturday October 15
The Grinch – Saturday October 15
The Crazies – Saturday October 15
The hills Have Eyes – Saturday October 15
The Hill Has Eyes 2 – Saturday, October 15
I See You – Monday, October 17
Mom – Season 8 – Thursday, October 20
Run Sweetheart Run – Friday, October 28
FC Barcelona Matchday – A New Era – Monday 31 October

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