In June on CANAL+: House of Gucci, Free Guy, the latest Wes Anderson, the hidden face…

In June on CANAL House of Gucci Free Guy the

In June on CANAL+, film lovers will be thrilled with the latest two productions from Ridley Scott and The French Dispatch. On the series side, several nice surprises with Ordinary People, Super Pumped and Landscapers…

All these series and films can be found on myCANAL.


HOUSE OF GUCCI – already available on myCANAL

The release of a film Ridley Scott is always an event. But when the director ofAlien and Gladiator tackles a couture monument with a daunting cast, he creates a real phenomenon. With Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons and even our Camille Cottin national, House of Gucci made in luxury, like the dynasty whose destiny we follow.

Unveiled in November 2021 in theaters on the occasion of the centenary of the legendary label, it is barely 6 months later that we can discover the case of the assassination of Maurizio Gucci. A feature film that presents us with the masterful fresco of a merciless struggle for control of an iconic house: all shots are allowed at Gucci.

SUPER PUMPED: THE BATTLE FOR UBER – already available on myCANAL

Focus on another destiny with Super Pumped. Called The Dark Side of Uber, the first season of this anthology series looks back at the creation of the revolutionary platform by Travis Kalanick. An uncompromising portrait of this controversial entrepreneur, which allows us to better understand his meteoric rise and then his fall.

Adapted from the eponymous book by journalist Mike Isaac by David Levien and Brian Koppelman (Billions), the series is carried by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and also welcome Uma Thurman, Kyle Chandler, Babak Taftiand Quentin Tarantino as a narrator! A breathtaking cast for the 7 episodes already available on CANAL+. Nothing better to wait for the release of the 2nd season which will come back to the creation of Facebook.

VERY ORDINARY PEOPLE – already available on myCANAL

The director Ovidiaknown for her feminist documentaries and writings rooted in the world of X, arrives on CANAL+ with a Décalée Creation: Very ordinary people. The series offers us 8 episodes of about fifteen minutes each, with Jeremy Gillet in the main role, surrounded by Sophie Marie Larrouy, Agatha Bonitzer, Raika Hazanaviciusas well as Romane Bohringer.

In this alternate history where the gender relationship is completely reversed, during the 90s we follow the journey of Romain, a young student fleeing the banality of his studies to find a new space of freedom by becoming a porn actor.

By placing this quasi-autobiographical story in a matriarchal society, the author points the finger at the sexism and toxicity of this environment, and also takes a look at an industry that is still taboo today.

FREE GUY – Friday, June 10

Ryan Reynolds lands on CANAL+ from June 10 in Free Guythe completely barred creation of Shawn Levydirector of Night at the Museum and of Stranger Things.

Bank employee whose life is perfectly measured, Guy is doomed to be robbed daily. Having never known anything else, he is content with this routine, wearing his biggest smile in all circumstances. What he doesn’t know is that he is a non-player character, an extra in a video game called Free City.

Meeting the character Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer) will upset his destiny, and make him switch to the other side of the controller. Halfway between The Matrix and The Truman Show, Free Guy is an action comedy like you rarely see, nervous, explosive, full of staging ideas, references to pop culture and guests!


LANDSCAPERS – from Monday 13 June

Susan and Edward, a seemingly ordinary retired couple, are taken into custody following the discovery of two bodies. Susan’s parents have been buried under the garden of a suburban house for more than 15 years… Landscapers is a series in 4 episodes based on a true story, that of a couple who financed their leisure activities thanks to this double murder in cold blood.

We rediscover Olivia Colman (The Crown) in a completely unexpected role, as well as the brilliant David Thewlis (Harry Potter). The two macabre lovebirds offer us a blood-chilling performance, to be discovered on CANAL + from Monday, June 13.

THE LAST DUEL – Wednesday, June 15

1386. Jean de Carrouges finds his wife Marguerite, who accuses Jacques le Gris of having raped her. He claims that she was consenting. The dispute can only be settled one way: a duel to the death.

In addition to an epic historical re-enactment, The Last Duel shows us the same story told from three different points of view. In this other production by Ridley Scott, each of the characters portrayed by Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Jodie Comer offers her truth to the viewer. A real jewel of staging not to be missed.

SUPREMES – Tuesday, June 21

Six months after its theatrical release, Supremes arrives on CANAL+ and immerses us in the origins of the rap group that has become one of the pillars of the genre in France: NTM. At the start, a group of friends from 93, lovers of rhythm and rhymes, carrying a protest message.

On arrival, an artistic epic and a phenomenon that has gone beyond music, brought to the screen by Audrey Estrougowith Theo Christine, Sandor Funtekand Felix Lefebvre.

THE PRODIGIOUS FRIEND – SEASON 3 – from Thursday June 23

The prodigious friendadaptation of the literary saga ofElena Ferrante, returns for a 3rd season! The two Neapolitan friends, always embodied by Margherita Mazzucco and Gaia Giracehave not finished with their heartaches.

Elena is faced with doubt after the publication of her first book as well as the return of Nino, her former love, and Lila is now a refuge with Enzo…

THE FRENCH DISPATCH – Tuesday, June 28

In the small French village of Ennui-sur-Blasé, the writing of the newspaper The French Dispatch succinctly narrates the chronicles of the country in the 50s and 60s. Through several reports which are inexhaustible galleries of creativity, Wes Anderson offers a film of which he alone has the secret.

All armed with a divine distribution: Frances McDormand, Benicio del Toro, Léa Seydoux, Timothée Chalamet, Bill Murray and many others… To see and see again without moderation from June 28 on CANAL+.


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TRALALA: from 20/06
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