I’m All The Girls On Netflix: What Is This Brutal Child Trafficking Movie?

Available on Netflix, the South African film “I’m All Girls” by Donovan Marsh explores a difficult subject, trafficking in young girls, based on real events.


What is it about ?

A detective finds common ground with a killer after the perpetrators of a powerful child trafficking ring.

I’m All Girls, a movie written by Wayne Fitzjohn and directed by Donovan Marsh.

Available on Netflix

After the abolition of apartheid in 1991, South Africa was preparing to become a democracy. This new page for the country marks, from 1994, an increase in the abduction of children. Rising poverty and unemployment are forcing some families in need to prostitute their offspring. For organized crime, human trafficking becomes the third source of income after drugs and weapons. I am all girls is inspired by this sad reality to build its story.

Set in Johannesburg, the film’s plot follows Jodie Snyman, a woman who investigates a series of murders involving powerful men. The latter are discovered with initials engraved on the torso. Very quickly, the heroine understands that a serial killer does justice to himself by eliminating those who participated in the kidnappings and rapes of young girls. By engraving the initials of the missing, the murderer leaves his signature. While the case is in full swing, a complicity is born between the criminal and the one who is in charge of the investigation.

Erica Wessels plays an investigator desperate to discover the identity of the vengeful killer.

Dark and particularly violent, I Am All the Girls reuses the well-known strings of the thriller, but finds genuine interest in its powerful and still taboo subject matter. It’s also interesting to follow this budding friendship between a character supposed to represent justice and another outlaw. The feature film highlights two interesting female protagonists, played by Hlubi Mboya and Erica Wessels.

I am all girls also manages to address the trauma of victims of sexual abuse and its consequences without falling into the excess of violent sequences. With its classic but still effective staging, the film should appeal to viewers looking for a plot that is as gripping as it is important.

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