If You Wear Glasses, This Woman Has The Eye-Makeup Tutorial For You

Makeup might not seem like the most important thing in the world, but for many women, looking their best when they step out the front door goes a long way toward happiness, fulfillment, and confidence.

For women who wear glasses, finding eye makeup that doesn’t completely disappear behind their frames has always been tricky at best – and pointless at worst – but no more.

22-year-old Roni was no stranger to this struggle, but after seeing some makeup done on Pinterest in a shape similar to her eyeglasses, she decided to give it a go – and over 20.7 million people have checked out the first in a series of cool videos.


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She basically begins by outlining the shape of where her glasses land on her face, then she fills it in and adds color, details, and embellishments, ensuring that no one is going to miss her gorgeous handiwork, glasses or not.

She’s done videos that feature tons of different and inspiring designs, and took some time to talk to Buzzfeed about what inspired her to go out on this limb.


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“I’d always take pictures without my glasses on…so there’d be evidence of how good it looked, because I knew once I put my glasses on, nobody else would be able to see the details. I was frustrated that others couldn’t appreciate the work I’d put in because my glasses just covered it up, but I always did the makeup anyway because I enjoy creating new looks.”

Then, inspiration struck.

“One day I was heading out to a concert with my friends and really wanted to look my best. I’d been scrolling Pinterest, looking at makeup when I noticed an eyeshadow look similar to the shape of my glasses and then it just clicked.”


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She and her friends thought it turned out so great she had to share, and now glasses-wearing, makeup-loving people everywhere couldn’t be happier.

Would you give something like this a try?

Tell us why or why not in the comments!

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