If you liked Force of Nature on Prime Video, 10 films to (re) discover Mel Gibson

As his new film “Force of Nature” lands on Prime Video, here are the 10 essential films to rediscover Mel Gibson’s career as an actor but also as a filmmaker!

If you liked force of nature on prime video, 10 films to (re) discover mel gibson
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What women Want

Mainly known for his badass roles in action films, Mel Gibson is nevertheless an accomplished actor who has not hesitated to venture into various genres, including romantic comedy. What women want occupies a special place in his filmography, especially since Nancy Meyers’ feature film has allowed him to make fun of his image of misogynist muffle. Considered cult, the film was recently the subject of a remake titled What Men Want with Taraji P. Henson in the lead role!


The Mad Max Trilogy

Before the role is taken over by Tom Hardy in Fury Road, it’s Mel Gibson which was the first incarnation of Mad Max in the cinema. American by birth, the latter spent part of his childhood in Australia; after studying theater, he landed the role by chance by accompanying one of his friends to the audition. His physique of bad boy then catches the eye of filmmaker George Miller. Considerable success at its release, Mad Max kicked off the career of young Mel Gibson and remains regarded to this day as one of his most memorable movie roles.

Mad Max and Mad Max 2: the challenge available on myCANAL, Mad Max 3 beyond the Dome of Thunder available on VOD.

The Patriot (long version)

While action cinema experienced a significant decline during the 90s, Mel Gibson distinguished himself in the historical register with The Patriot (2000), a feature film by Roland Emmerich. As brutal as it is realistic, this reconstruction of the Battle of Cowpens in 1781 during the War of Independence features him in the role of a widowed father ready to do anything to save his children from the English invader. Criticized on its release for its many liberties with historical facts, the film was also controversial for its too consensual representation of African-American slavery.

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Mel Gibson’s rare foray into the fantastic register, Signs of M. Night Shyamalan offers the actor a pivotal role in his career: this father, a pastor who has lost his faith since the tragic death of his wife, indeed pushes to his entrenchments Mel Gibson, both in terms of playing intensity and pure emotion. Despite his status as a box office superstar and successful director, Mel Gibson proves with this film that he is always willing to put himself at the service of daring and inventive filmmakers.



During the 1990s, American action cinema experienced a significant decline. If several of its superstars have had box office setbacks (Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger …) others have succeeded in stretching the genre towards new horizons. This was the case in particular with Mel Gibson, and particularly with the film Payback, an enjoyable and squeaky feature film by Brian Helgeland (prolific screenwriter of LA Condifentiel, Mystic River and 42, in particular …). Despite the filmmaker’s dismissal during filming for artistic differences with the studio, Payback remains in its current form extremely successful.


The second production of Mel Gibson after The Faceless Man, Braveheart immerses us in the historical reconstruction of the invasion of Scotland by the English army in the 13th century. In the shoes of revolutionary William Wallace, the actor / director literally bursts the screen for a breathtaking result of realism. Huge success at the international box office, Braveheart also allowed Mel Gibson to receive the Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture in 1996.

The passion of Christ

Almost a decade after the release of Braveheart, Mel Gibson signs with The Passion of Christ his third feature film as a director. This evocation of the last moments of the life of Jesus Christ, filmed in Aramaic, Hebrew and Latin languages ​​was a huge commercial success when it was released in 2004, despite many controversies; criticized for its explicit transcription of the tortures suffered by Christ, the feature film was also accused of anti-Semitism (the media escapades of Mel Gibson had not yet taken place).

Lethal Weapon (1 to 4)

The iconic saga of action cinema, the tetralogy Lethal Weapon made Mel Gibson a box office superstar in the late 1980s. Thanks to his duet formed with Danny Glover (aka Roger Murtaugh), the actor has literally burst the screen for his interpretation of Martin Riggs, mad dog cop with suicidal tendencies. Confirming his ability to juggle between action and comedy, Mel Gibson found a role that was larger than life. Recall that a fifth opus, supposed to bring together the two actors and the director Richard Donner, was recently announced (the project has not given any news for many months, however …).

The Beaver Complex

After several years in exile following his convictions for anti-Semitic comments and domestic violence, Mel Gibson made a notable comeback in 2011 with The Beaver Complex, directed by Jodie Foster, his playing partner in Maverick (see below). In this role more autobiographical than it seems, the actor appears to be extremely credible in the skin of this suicidal father who invents an imaginary friend … through a beaver puppet! Both a drama on associative identity disorders and a portrait of a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the film indeed seems to approach Mel Gibson’s own life through fiction.


Mel Gibson’s only foray into the world of the western, Maverick is the adaptation of the television series of the same name, broadcast in the 1950s. Finding Richard Donner, the director of the saga, for the occasion The lethal Weapon, the actor plays a trigger-friendly poker player, facing Jodie Foster and the legendary James Garner (the hero of the original soap opera). Among the many brave moments of the film, we remember in particular this scene during which Mel Gibson crosses paths with Danny Glover, a wink that obviously will not have escaped the fans of The lethal Weapon !

Force of Nature, the new film by Mel Gibson, is available on Amazon Prime Video:

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