If you like L’Arnaqueur de Tinder and Dirty John, you’ll love this series with Odile…

Available for a few days on Salto, “The man of our lives”, with Odile Vuillemin, Jonathan Zaccaï, and Elodie Frégé, sees several women unite to bring down the seducer who defrauded them. An ultra effective thriller not to be missed.

Since the broadcast of dirty john with Eric Bana and Connie Brittonwhich was inspired by the true story of John Meehan, a man who manipulated and threatened many women with death in the United States, fiction and documentaries against a backdrop of swindling, control, manipulation and abuse of weakness are more than ever on the rise on the small screen.

As proof, the phenomenal success at the start of the year of the documentary The Tinder Scammer on Netflix, which looks back on the incredible but true misdeeds of a fake millionaire who seduced many women via a dating application before stealing their money.

Or France 2’s recent attempt to take on these spine-chilling themes with Handlingcarried by Marine Delterme and Marc Ruchman.

If you are a fan of this kind of story where seduction and love quickly give way to scam and drama, Salto has thought of you by putting online last Friday The man of our livesa brand new series led by Odile Vuillemin, Jonathan Zaccaiand Helena Noguerra which, between saga and skilfully crafted beach thriller, is cut out for summer. And which could well become your new obsession of the moment.

The man of our lives, what is it about?

Created by Marie Guilmineau and Alice Van den Broekand made by Frederic Berthe (For Sara, I lied), The Man of Our Lives begins when Oriane (Flora Bonaventura), a nurse who recently inherited her mother’s fortune, marries Amaury (Jonathan Zaccaï), a French-speaking Canadian surgeon who looks good in every way and is undoubtedly the man of her dreams.

But what Oriane does not know is that her husband is a manipulator who seduces women with the aim of defrauding them.

He has already taken everything from Anna Vautier, a young woman who tried to warn Oriane on their wedding day, but to no avail. Then to Camille (Odile Vuillemin), manager of a hotel who fell madly in love with Nathan, a regular customer, former trader, who ended up disappearing overnight after emptying the establishment’s accounts.

As Amaury/Nathan prepares to start his formidable scheme again under the name of Roman with a certain Mathilde (Héléna Noguerra), devoted to her company and her daughter, Camille sets out to find the one who scammed her. . Determined, by the way, to open her eyes to her other victims who are blindly in love. In order to stand up against him and obtain justice. But will they be able to bring him down?

If you like l'arnaqueur de tinder and dirty john, you'll love this series with odile...
David Koskas/Sibaro Films/Shine Fiction/M6

An addictive mini-series carried by a perfect Jonathan Zaccaï as a Machiavellian seducer

After E-syndrome, very successful adaptation of the eponymous novel by Franck Thilliez intended for TF1, and Fantasy Islandreboot of the cult series The fantasy island with Roselyn Sanchezthe Salto platform continues to offer a summer under the sign of previews with this new mini-series in 4 episodes which will arrive in the coming months on M6.

Despite a fashionable subject and an air of deja vu upon reading the pitch, The Man of Our Lives manages to grab us thanks to a narration that constantly alternates between the point of view of Jonathan Zaccaï’s character, who seems convinced that he is acting out of love (voice-over You in support), and that of Camille, ready to do anything to get revenge and to stop this outstanding manipulator.

Jonathan Zaccai (Unfaithful), which replaced Ary Abittan at the start of filming following sexual assault charges including the actor What have we done to God? was the subject last November, turns out to be simply excellent in the role of the serial crook who gives his title to The man of our lives. Constantly managing to bring the right balance to his score as a seducer too perfect to be honest who, in the space of a second, manages to erase all the charm that characterizes him behind a dark and chilling gaze.

Result: although we hate Amaury and all the identities he takes on over time, and we can’t wait to see him pay for his crimes, we also understand how each of these women was able to let themselves be seduced by this a seemingly incredibly considerate and charming man. Without seeing the skillfully orchestrated trap that was gradually closing in on her.

If you like l'arnaqueur de tinder and dirty john, you'll love this series with odile...

Surprising in the way it shows how far its antagonist is willing to go to achieve his ends, The Man of Our Lives is also very successful when it focuses on the victims, who will gradually unite in a surge of sorority which obviously recalls The Scammer of Tinder. Injured women who, in contact with their leader Camille, will find the strength to fight for revenge and turn against the crook who destroyed their lives.

Jonathan Zaccaï finds in Odile Vuillemin and Flore Bonaventura (who inherits the best role of his young career here) sizeable adversaries. And we would have liked the characters of Héléna Noguerra andElodie Frege – she plays Iris, a singer who could also fall into the clutches of Amaury – are further developed so that the two actresses can compete with this winning trio behind which they unfortunately tend to fade.

The man of our lives is nonetheless a very good thriller which is devoured like a page-turner and which constitutes one of the very good surprises of this serial summer of 2022.

The 4 episodes of The Man of Our Lives are available now on Salto.

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