Ice Age 4 on C8: the story had to unfold nowadays

Ice Age: Continent Drift airs tonight on C8. Did you know that in the beginning the story of the film had to take place in a museum today?

The fourth installment in the Ice Age saga, La Drift des Continents was released in theaters in June 2012, totaling 6.6 million admissions in France and $ 877 million at the international box office. In the feature film, the clumsy Scrat will this time cause an upheaval on a planetary scale. The continental cataclysm it unleashes propels Manny, Diego and Sid on their greatest adventure. While the world is literally moving, Sid will find his terrible grandmother, and the little troop will face a bunch of pirates determined to prevent them from returning home …

From the thaw to the drift of the continents

If the story of the feature film goes well in prehistory, the writers had initially considered something else. The film – which had the working title “Ice Age: Th4w”, was to be set in our time! It was indeed expected that Sid, Manny, Diego and their friends wake up nowadays, during the thaw and in a museum! An idea born from the 2006 short film No time for nuts in which Scrat travels through the ages. Eventually the idea was abandoned.

First film without Carlos Saldanha

If the director Carlos Saldanha participated in the staging of the 3 previous opus, the latter was not involved in La Dérive des Continents. Mike Thurmeier, already working on Ice Age 3 – Dinosaur Time and No time for nuts, co-directed the film with Steve Martino, director of Horton and the short film Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up. Meanwhile, Brazilian Carlos Saldanha was working on another animated and animalistic film from Blue Sky studios: Rio.

Ice age 4 on c8: the story had to unfold nowadays

Blue Sky Studios

A Lannister instead of an Avengers

Originally, Jeremy Renner was to dub one of the new characters in this animated film. The actor, who plays Hawkeye in Avengers, was to lend his voice to Captain Gutt, a Gigantopithecus Blacki (a prehistoric gorilla who, according to the fossils found, could measure 3 meters and weigh 540 kilos), who leads the terrible band of pirates from the movie. But for reasons of schedule, the actor finally had to leave the ship. It is actor Peter Dinklage, awarded at the Golden Globes for his role as Tyrion Lannister in the famous Game of Thrones series, who took his place.

It was then the first dubbing experience of Dinklage who has since repeated the experience with Angry Birds in 2016 (he dubbed the Valiant Eagle) and The Croods 2 – which will soon be released in theaters and in which he lends his voice. to Phil Bettermann, the father of the “modern” prehistoric family. In the French version of Ice Age 4, it is the dubbing actor Pascal Casanova who lends his voice to Gutt.

Ice age 4 on c8: the story had to unfold nowadays

Blue Sky Studios

French vocal casting

On the French vocal casting side, the irreplaceable Gérard Lanvin, Vincent Cassel and Elie Semoun resume their respective roles while Christophe Dechavanne once again lends his voice to the opossum Crash. Alain Chabat briefly joins the small troop since he lends his voice to Silas, a giant petrel (a kind of big seagull) in the French version but also in the original version. After playing an ogre (Shrek), the actor and director here doubles as a pirate bird.

Actress Évelyne Grandjean doubles as Sid’s terrible Granny, while Laura Blanc, regular voiceover for Rebecca Ferguson, Rosamund Pike and Jennifer Garner, lends her voice to the saber-toothed tigress, Kira. A character played by Jennifer Lopez in the original version.

Ice age 4 on c8: the story had to unfold nowadays

Blue Sky Studios

Singers to the cast

But Ice Age: Continental Drift also brings together an impressive number of singers to its vocal cast, while the feature film hardly features any songs. Besides J-Lo who doubles as Kira, R’n’B singer Keke Palmer lends her voice to Peach, Manny and Ellie’s daughter, Nicki Minaj doubles as Steffie a teenage mammoth while rapper Drake lends his voice to Ethan, the mammoth that Peach is in love with. All this casting is obviously put to contribution for the final credits of the film since the singer Ester Dean (who briefly doubles a mermaid) composed the title “We are” interpreted by the original vocal cast of the film.

The clip “We are”

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