Ice Age: 10 Jokes Only Adults Can Understand

Famous for its irresistible and quirky humor, the animated family saga “Ice Age” sometimes reserves some of its jokes for the greatest of its spectators.

A funny implication, a slightly gritty expression, a fatal error … Some jokes from the Ice Age saga, known for its family humor, are aimed more for adults than for children. Here are 10 valves for the biggest spectators …

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At the beginning of The Ice Age, first of the name (released in 2002), Manny draws the wrath of a particularly angry tapir when he advances against the herd. In order to put the agitated in his place, the mammoth answers him with a most derogatory reflection: “Tell me, you, if I had a trunk as small as yours, I would at least avoid being noticed.” We let you interpret the invective at your convenience.

Save the species

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In Ice Age 2, Manny, who until now thought himself the only mammoth still alive, meets Ellie, one of his fellows convinced that she is … a possum. When she finally understands the situation, her fellow man asks her: “Do you realize that now we can save our species?”

A brutal proposition, to say the least, to which Ellie responds as follows: “What? I’ve been a mammoth for barely 5 minutes, and you’re already starting to bump into me!”

It was a male!

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Into Ice Age 3 – Time of the Dinosaurs, when Sid tries to get milk to feed his tyrannosaur offspring, he ventures to “milk” a yak, which doesn’t seem to like the operation at all. “I thought you were a female!,” exclaims the sloth, taking his legs around his neck. This was obviously not the case.

What happens in the carnivorous plant …

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When Manny and Diego get stuck in a giant carnivorous plant, in Ice Age 3, the creature’s digestive juices begin to take effect, much to the confusion of the two friends. “I feel everything”, then said the tiger. “Avoid saying that when you’re pressed against me”, answers the mammoth. What Diego quickly clarifies his point to dispel any misunderstanding: “Not everything like that, finally!”

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth

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In the original version of Ice Age 3, when Buck tells his fellow travelers how he faced the monstrous Rudy and stole one of his fangs, he has a way of using the famous expression: “Eye for tooth, nose for chin, behind for …” Even if he does not finish his sentence, we imagine a rather bawdy conclusion to his little tirade.

Prehistoric castration

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In the same scene, as he continues to brag about his exploits, Buck explains to his new friends that he has also had a few “sharp” disputes with a T-Rex: “There is also the time when thanks to a very sharp clam shell, I transformed a tyrannosaurus … into a tyrannosaurette”, he explains.

In front or behind

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At the end of the movie, when Manny and Diego go their separate ways to help Ellie, the tiger promises the mammoth that he will “secure your back”. That’s when Buck responds with a mischievous eye: “They better insure their front. It’s the front that there is the gear to protect, am I right?”

Caught in the act

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When Crash and Eddie drop the bunch of grapes that were hiding them, Scrat and Scratina seem quite embarrassed that they’ve been caught …

“To save their species”, as Manny certainly would have said.

Girl or boy ?

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At the end of Ice Age 3, when Manny and Ellie’s baby is born and Sid gets to know him, the sloth exclaims confidently: “Oh, it’s a boy!”

“Sid, it’s his tail”, Diego then corrects him by imagining what could have misled his friend. “It’s a girl !”, then changes his mind to the lazy.

Pumpkin or pumpkin?

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In Ice Age: Laws of the Universe, when Buck collects a pumpkin and treats it as if it were his own baby, Sid wonders: “How does he know it’s a girl?”

It is then that the stalk of the vegetable breaks off and falls to the ground, thus offering its answer to the sloth. “Oh yes !”, he exclaims.

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