I will go after my dreams on M6: a solar fiction on trisomy 21 with Camille Lou…

M6 broadcasts this Tuesday evening “I will go to the end of my dreams”, a fiction which follows the crossed destiny of two characters, camped by Camille Lou and Samuel Allain Abitbol, ​​who will save each other.

After Learn to love yourselfdirector and screenwriter Stephanie Pillonca returns this Tuesday, September 13 from 9:10 p.m. on M6 with I will go after my dreamsa fiction story telling the crossed destiny of two characters who will save each other.

Worn by Camille Lou and Samuel Allain Abitbolthis touching TV movie follows Antoine, a 25-year-old young man with Down syndrome. Raised by a loving and not very talkative father (camped by Guillaume de Tonquedec), who has never let disability get in the way of his son’s happiness, he works as an assistant librarian at the CDI in college and leads a well-regulated life between family and friends.

But one day, he meets Bianca, a young supervisor who secretly dreams of becoming a singer. He quickly falls in love with her. Their meeting will take them further than they could have imagined…

An authentic TV movie

Great accustomed to social subjects, Stéphanie Pillonca offers with I will go to the end of my dreams a fiction as close as possible to reality, the screenwriter having met associations and families of children with Down syndrome at the time of writing. .

Moreover, she confided that after the success of Learning to love you, broadcast on M6 in 2020, the channel had offered to do a sequel but she had preferred to decline. “After Learning to love you, associations and families told me that it was very good to talk about their children when they were little, but that they should also be talked about when they are adults.”, she explained to us.

This film was built around many testimonials from families who told us about the adventures of people carrying this extra chromosome, who work on permanent contracts. So I wrote the screenplay based on the truthful anecdotes of the families.

I will go after my dreams on M6 a solar

A documentation upstream of the writing that feels, I will go after my dreams making it a point of honor to tell both the positive and the negative, especially during a particularly trying scene of harassment.

Of course, as with all of Stéphanie Pillonca’s works, I will go to the end of my dreams remains a solar fiction, which ignores clichés to show us a side of trisomy 21 that is often ignored.

A tailor-made role

Even before writing I will go to the end of my dreams, Stéphanie Pillonca already knew that the main role would be played by Samuel Allain Abitbol. She had indeed met the young actor, seen in particular in Mention Particulière and Un si grand soleil, during the Luchon festival.

And she immediately fell in love with him: “On the plane, he kept playing jokes on me, and he was playing so well that I believed him.” During this meeting, she had promised to write him a film. This is where I will go after my dreams was born.

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An important film for Samuel Allain Abitbol who sees in it the opportunity to change the way others look at Down’s syndrome. “This fiction shows that we can have autonomy”, he explained. “It is an important film in order to open the doors to people with disabilities”.

A challenge for Camille Lou

To embody Bianca, this young woman who dreams of becoming a singer, Stéphanie Pillonca called on Camille Lou. This actress and singer was, for her, the perfect candidate to embody this character. In 2018, she had spotted Camille Lou thanks to a video that she had posted on Instagram where she pushed the song, alone with her guitar.

Impressed by his talent, she had kept his name in mind for a future project. But if Camille Lou is an accomplished singer, she was still a little apprehensive about putting this talent forward. Especially since she wrote songs for the TV movie.

But this is not the only challenge to which the actress, who will soon be on display Fighters, had to face. Playing with an actor with Down syndrome is a very different experience from what she had known previously.

It changes everything because they go straight to the point. Samuel wasn’t in the making“, she confided. “I found myself facing someone who has the same empathy as me. We did a lot of improvisation and it was magical. It forced me to be in the present moment.

Find I will go after my dreams this Tuesday, September 13 from 9:10 p.m. on M6. The TV movie is already available in preview on the Salto platform.

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