I promise you: why Camille Lou was not aged like Mandy Moore in This Is Us – news series on tv

Unlike “This Is Us”, in which Mandy Moore plays Rebecca at all ages, Florence Gallo is played by two different actresses in “I promise you”: Camille Lou and Nathalie Roussel. The producer of the remake explains this choice.

I promise you: why camille lou was not aged like mandy moore in this is us - news series on tv

Aired every Monday evening on TF1, I promise you, carried by Hugo Becker, Camille Lou, Marilou Berry, Narcisse Mame, and Guillaume Labbé, is none other than the French adaptation of the phenomenon series This Is Us, which makes the beautiful days of the American channel NBC for five seasons now. Exit the Pearson family, and make way for the Gallo, whose front page viewers can follow the touching story over nearly 40 years, through several temporalities, from the birth of the children Maud, Michaël, and Mathis in 1981 to their lives. adults nowadays, when unexpected events will disrupt their daily lives and bring back old wounds.

And if this remake has obviously adapted its context to the history of our country, a change concerning the character of Florence Gallo, played by Camille Lou, did not fail to attract the attention of fans of the original series and to surprise. Indeed, in This Is Us, Mandy Moore plays Rebecca Pearson, the mother of triplets, at all ages, from her meeting with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in the late 1970s to the scenes set in the present. A process, requiring many hours of makeup in order to age Mandy Moore, which was not reproduced in I promise you since TF1 and the production simply decided to call on another actress, namely Nathalie Roussel ( My mother’s castle, Inside), to camp Florence nowadays.

I promise you: why camille lou was not aged like mandy moore in this is us - news series on tv


“On This Is Us, they have time to put makeup on the actors because they do 12-hour set days, which we are not allowed to do in France. I didn’t want to do things by halves and risk that it is not credible “, explains the producer of I promise you Aline Panel to justify the decision not to age Camille Lou on the screen. Before admitting that the other reason that pushed her to choose two actresses for the role of Florence lies in the fact that Camille Lou and Mandy Moore are not the same age, since the first is 28 years old , while the second will celebrate his 37th birthday in two months. “The other reason is that Camille is younger than Mandy Moore. When Florence is the mother of three teenagers, it works very well. We changed Camille’s hairstyle and we aged her skin a bit. And in the end. we really believe in it. But to play Florence 20 years later, she was too young to be so “old.” So we made the choice to find an actress who looked like her. And therefore the problem was the same for José , Paul’s best friend. And for Mathis’ biological father, but that the Americans did too “.

Played by Jon Huertas (Castle) at all ages in This Is Us, Miguel, Jack’s best friend, actually became José in the French adaptation of TF1, and is played by Bruno Sanches in the 80s and 90s, and by Lionnel Astier (Kaamelott, Alex Hugo) in the present, where he is now in a relationship with Florence.

The trailer for I promise you, broadcast every Monday at 9:05 p.m. on TF1 and available in full on Salto:

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