I promise you: the French remake of This Is Us in February on TF1 – News Séries

I promise you: the French remake of This Is Us in February on TF1 – News Séries

“I promise you”, the eagerly awaited French adaptation of “This Is Us” carried by Hugo Becker, Camille Lou, and Marilou Berry, finally arrives on TF1. The first two episodes will air on Monday, February 1.

I promise you will make us laugh and make us cry in February on TF1. It is on Monday, February 1 at 9:05 p.m. that the channel will unveil its new family fiction event, adapted from the American phenomenon series This Is Us, which continues to be a hit on NBC across the Atlantic with already five seasons on the clock, and which viewers of Canal + and channels of the M6 ​​group may already know. The 12 episodes of the first season, written by Brigitte Bémol and Julien Simonet, and directed by Arnaud Sélignac and Renaud Bertrand, will be offered every Monday evening at the rate of two per week. And the first images are to be discovered in the trailer above, which lifts the veil on some of the big series which will punctuate the programming of the One over the coming months, among which Une Affaire française and HPI as well.

In I promise you, produced by Authentic Prod (Sam, Le Temps est assassin), Hugo Becker (Chefs, Baron Noir) and Camille Lou (Le Bazar de la charité) play Paul and Florence Gallo, who eagerly await the birth of their triplets. Narcisse Mame (Trauma) is Mathis, a fulfilled trader who has just found his biological father but is hesitant to meet him. Marilou Berry (Munch), for her part, plays Maud, an overweight young woman who can not lose weight and seeks meaning in her life. Finally, Guillaume Labbé (Plan Coeur) plays Michaël, a footballer from a big Ligue 1 club who sees his career halted after an unfortunate incident. Five characters who resemble each of us in a way, and who, as they prepare to celebrate their 37 years, will have to face important choices that will turn their lives upside down forever.

The rest of the cast of I promise you, which owes its title to the cult song by Johnny Hallyday which will serve as the credits for the series, is made up of Nathalie Roussel who plays Florence nowadays, while Camille Lou lends her features in the 80s and 90s (a notable difference with This is Us where Mandy Moore plays Rebecca at all times of the story), Bruno Sanches, Léonie Simaga in the role of Mathis’s wife, Natacha Lindinger in the skin of the companion actress of Michaël, or of Bass Dhem (Les Bracelets Rouges), who embodies the biological father of Mathis. Without forgetting Patrick Chesnais, who lends his features to the midwife doctor in Florence, so important in this story. So, will the Gallo family get to touch us just as much as the Pearsons? And will TF1 viewers let themselves be carried away in the daily life of joys, sorrows, doubts, and questioning of these characters? Response very soon.

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