I promise you: the first information on season 3 revealed by TF1

I promise you the first information on season 3 revealed

Good news for fans of the event series “I promise you” broadcast on TF1. Filming for the third season, consisting of eight episodes, began on July 18. Official synopsis, new characters, discover what awaits you.

Whereas This Is Us bid farewell to the small screen after six seasons in the United States, its French version I promise you began filming its third season on July 18 between Paris and Charente-Maritime for three months.

Viewers will therefore soon find on TF1 the love story between Florence (Camille Lou) and Paul (Hugo Becker), as well as the shocking adventures that affect the Maud triplets (Marilou Berry), Michael (Guillaume Labbe) and Mathis (Mame Narcissus) as they approach their forties.

This season will however be shorter, as Narcisse Name announced several weeks ago. It will consist of only eight episodes, against twelve in previous batches. Moreover, the actor indicated that the deletion of these four episodes forced the production to make important choices for the coherence of the story of the Gallo family. But let the fans be reassured, the sequel promises to be just as touching according to the official synopsis unveiled by the channel.


As they celebrate their fortieth birthday, the triplets come to a decisive turning point in their existence: Maud wants to start a family but her desire for a child could have serious consequences on her health and that of Tanguy (Marc Riso). Moreover, this desire comes at the very moment when her singing career is finally about to take off.

For his part, Michaël gets closer to Estelle (Sara Martins), the cousin of Agnès (Leonie Simaga), whom he met at his sister’s wedding. However, he fails to unravel her mystery and quickly gets carried away by his budding feelings.

As for Mathis, he embarks on a new professional adventure thanks to his meeting with Émile, a young navigator, who is not without causing a stir within his couple.

The still vivid memory of their father Paul, who died 23 years earlier, will help them make crucial choices for their future and in turn pass on the legacy he left them. By discovering that Paul lied to her all his life, Florence will try retrospectively to better understand the one she loved so much. Thus, the season will immerse us with them in the hidden past of this extraordinary man and gradually reveal his secrets.

With this new information, everything leads us to believe that Paul’s many secrets, including his role during the Algerian war, will be at the heart of the next episodes.


For the continuation of the adventures of the Gallo family, two new actors join the cast of the TF1 event series. As announced in the synopsis, Mathis meets a certain Emile, a young navigator. This will be played by the actor Adil Dehbi known for his role as Amine in the film How I became a superhero and his interpretation of Sim in the series The Eddy with Leila Bekhti.

If her character is not mentioned in the first information of the plot, the actress Constance Dolle (make kidssoon in And the mountain will bloom on France 2) joined I promise you in the role of Carole who remains enigmatic for the moment.

For the moment, no release date has been announced by the front page. However, we can imagine that the third season will be broadcast at the beginning of 2023, like the previous ones.

Find all of I promise you on Disney+.

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