I promise you on TF1: when will we have answers on the death of Paul (Hugo Becker)?

Season 1 of “I promise you” leaves the mystery as to the circumstances of the death of Paul Gallo, played by Hugo Becker. When will we have answers? And will the cause of his death be any different from Jack’s in “This Is Us”?

I promise you on TF1 when will we have answers

Broadcast since February 1 on TF1, I promise you, the French adaptation of the phenomenon series This Is Us, follows the daily life of the Gallo family through the last 40 years, from the birth of the Florence triplets (Camille Lou) and Paul (Hugo becker) in 1981 at Maud’s 37th birthday (Marilou Berry), Mathis (Narcissus Mame), and Michaël (Guillaume Labbé), their children, who find themselves at an important turning point in their lives, faced with choices that will change their future. And bring back the drama that struck the “three musketeers” when they were teenagers, namely the tragic death of their father. From which they have never really recovered and whose circumstances remain, for the moment, very mysterious for viewers of TF1.

We just know, based on the first episodes of I promise you, that Maud refuses to talk about how Paul died and that she feels partly responsible for his death. And if the TF1 series continues to follow the main lines of This Is Us in the event of renewal for additional seasons by the front page, everything suggests that it is during season 2 that answers will finally be provided. Indeed, in the American version, the circumstances of the death of Jack Pearson are finally explained – and shown on the screen – during episode 14 of the second season, entitled “Super Bowl Sunday”. But when we know that the authors of the French adaptation have allowed themselves some changes compared to the script of This Is Us, could Paul’s cause of death be different from Jack’s?

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“We thought about it. But I can’t answer you”, admits Aline Panel when asked about a possible change in the circumstances of the death of the father of the series. “What I can tell you is that it will be central in season 2. We will know how it happened. And, beyond that, when it happened in the lives of these three children and why it was so dramatic. And why 20 years later they all have to come to terms with their father, even dead. It is very personal, but the truth is that it is often much more damaging to lose a parent when ‘you’re a teenager, whether you’re a child or an adult. Adolescence is the worst time because it’s the moment when you are in conflict with your parents. And stay on a conflict with a deceased parent, that ‘is very hard “.

Jack’s death having occurred, in the This Is Us narrative, in 1998, on Super Bowl night, we can already assume that Paul will die on July 12 of the same year, the day of the Final of the Football World Cup (an iconic sporting event and date already mentioned in season 1 of I promise you). But to be sure, we will probably have to wait until season 2 of the French remake of TF1. Which has not yet been officially ordered by the channel but which has a good chance of seeing the light of day if the audiences of the last two broadcast evenings continue to be satisfactory on targets (the market share amounted last Monday to 29 , 5% on women responsible for purchasing aged under fifty).

The trailer for I promise you, which continues tomorrow night at 9:05 p.m. on TF1: