I promise you on TF1: how did Johnny Hallyday’s hit inspire the title of the series?

The broadcast of “I promise you”, the French remake of “This Is Us” continues tonight on TF1. Why did the channel and the production choose this title very far from that of the original series? Producer Aline Panel answered us.

Since February 1, TF1 has been broadcasting every Monday at 9:05 p.m. I promise you, its new event series which tells the story of the Gallo family over the past 40 years, from the birth of Maud (Marilou Berry), Michaël (Guillaume Labbé) , and Mathis (Narcisse Mame) in 1981 to their lives today, while they are all confronted with events which will upset their daily lives and bring out old wounds. And if this story tells you something, it’s normal since I promise you is the adaptation of the American phenomenon series This Is Us, broadcast in France on Canal + and on M6.

For this remake also carried by Camille Lou and Hugo Becker, TF1 and Authentic Prod did not want to take the easy way out by simply translating the original title, and therefore went to draw on French musical heritage to give its name to Je te promis , which thus refers to one of the greatest hits of Johnny Hallyday. “I didn’t want to do a translation of This Is Us because ‘C’est nous’, it was a bit ass-ass”, explains producer Aline Panel, for whom I promise is a very personal project, which echoes its own family history. “And above all, in French, we lost the pun because This Is Us is also This Is US, for USA, because the series talks about America in the background. And I wanted a title that could also tell a bit like that for France. What represents perfectly I promise you, because it is a hit by Johnny. And Johnny, my grandmother knew him, and my 10 year old daughter knows him. And knows him well. So c ‘This is la France’, sort of (laughs). And then it was also quite chic and nifty to have a song title, which allowed to support the credits “.

But beyond what Johnny Hallyday represents for the French, the lyrics of his song, written by Jean-Jacques Goldman, also corresponded perfectly to the subject of the adaptation of This Is Us according to Aline Panel. “I promise you that perfectly pitch our series”, continues the producer. “It’s the ‘I promise you’ that we tell our children when they are born. Because unless you are a monster, you just want to promise them the best. And then, despite everything, as in any promise , there is also the fact of not always being able to hold them. And to transmit to them in spite of ourselves many of our wounds, which they will have to deal with in their adult lives, and which will make the adults they will be later. “.

A promise which also has other meanings, more or less hidden, like that, more political and societal, of the election of François Mitterrand, shown in the series of TF1, at the time of the birth of the triplets. “Since they were born on May 10, 1981, there is also the political promise of the Socialists coming to power. All the promises of a better world, of less inequality, of economic growth, which have carried us along. It made it possible to question all that. So it’s a very intimate and family series, but there is something societal too. And finally it is a promise of pleasure for the spectator, we hope so (laughs) “.

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I promise you on tf1: how did johnny hallyday's hit inspire the title of the series?

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