I promise you on TF1: a season 2 even more successful than the first? to…

“I promise you”, the French adaptation of “This Is Us” with Camille Lou and Hugo Becker, returns Monday on TF1 for a season 2 which will finally reveal how Paul died. And which, between laughter and emotion, is a real success.

After having broadcast season 6 of Sam every Monday at the start of the year, and while waiting to have news of a possible seventh batch, TF1 continues tomorrow evening with the return of I promise you, its family event series adapted from This Is Us, which had achieved good audience scores last year (4.04 million viewers on average in watch audience) and had managed to thrill both the public and the critics.

While it was not won at the start, since the chain and Authentic Prod were attacking a jewel of an American series.

Hugo Becker, Camille Lou, Marilou Berry (who also goes behind the camera to co-direct the season), Guillaume Labbé, Narcisse Mame, Marc Riso, or even Léonie Simaga are returning for a second high-flying season which, obviously well helped by the fact that season 2 of This Is Us is one of the most successful, goes even further in emotion and humor. And strikes us many uppercuts.

Especially in everything she tells about the tragic event that turned the life of the Gallo family upside down – the death of Paul. Since these twelve new episodes of I promise you finally reveal the exact circumstances of his death.

Characters and performers who take flight

Still (very) faithful to the original version, for contractual reasons visibly imposed by Fox and Disney, this new season takes Maud, Mathis, and Michaël, the Gallo “triplets”, to new horizons teased at the end of the season. 1, which open up the field of possibilities for each of the characters and offer them exciting new intrigues which serve as some of the red threads of this second chapter.

Maud (Marilou Berry) decides to embark on a career as a singer, despite a lack of self-confidence and the ghosts of her past that haunt her. But with the support of Tanguy – brilliant Marc Riso – who will live with his companion a real whirlwind this season, mixing tragic and much happier events.

Mathis (Narcisse Mame), who had a real epiphany last year and ended up quitting his job under the weight of his depression, welcomes a 14-year-old girl into his home, hoping to give her the same chance. which he himself had at birth by being adopted by Paul and Florence. But the arrival of young Rose (Sandy Afiuni) is not going to be smooth.

As for Michaël (Guillaume Labbé), he has to juggle between his career as an actor, which is starting to take off thanks to the series he is filming in Italy, and his romantic past which resurfaces in the form of Julie (Charlie Bruneau), his great love. of youth – and incidentally ex-wife – that he will try to win back.

I promise you on tf1: a season 2 even more successful than the first? To...
Julien Cauvin/Authentic Prod/TF1

While introducing a gallery of endearing new characters, starting with Julie and Mélodie (Noémie Zeitoun), the “Madison” of This Is Us who here enjoys a somewhat different character rather welcome in a remake exercise, I promise you also manages to bring even more depth to its heroes by exploring episode after episode their flaws and wounds.

If Hugo Becker and Camille Lou are simply excellent in flashbacks and everything related to the death of Paul, this season 2 also gives more importance to the child and teen versions of the triplets, and reveals certain actors, including Axel Naroditzky (Michaël ado) and Dembo Camilo from Here everything begins and Tomorrow belongs to us (Mathis ado), very accurate in their scores, and the young Hugo Questel (Michaël enfant), remarkable in episode 8.

But above all, these new episodes of I promise you undoubtedly belong to Guillaume Labbé, who steals the show from all his playmates and proves to be stunning from the beginning to the end of the season. Especially during episodes where his character finds himself plunged into a self-destructive spiral, and during which we suffer for him and with him.

The answers we were waiting for… before a new mystery

Where the first season had largely thrilled us thanks to the additional contribution of comedy it showed compared to This Is Us (thanks to the duo Maud-Tanguy in particular), this new batch of I promise you achieves a better dosage between emotion and humor.

But it is necessarily the more dramatic aspect that we retain a little more this time, in the first half of the season at least, since the series finally reveals the way in which Paul Gallo (Hugo Becker) died in 1999. With different circumstances from what we saw in This Is Us (another good point for the TF1 series) and episodes loaded with emotions and tears. For heroes and viewers alike. Prepare the handkerchiefs.

I promise you on tf1: a season 2 even more successful than the first? To...
Julien Cauvin/Authentic Prod/TF1

Beyond the two episodes centered on the death of the Gallo patriarch, this season 2 succeeds perfectly in showing why the mourning of Maud, Michaël, and Mathis was so difficult to do. And why, more than twenty years later, they are still struggling with this almost impossible mourning and the consequences of the death of their father, this “hero” who seemed so perfect, so invincible, despite his flaws, and who brought so much love and light in the lives of all those around him.

After episode 8 – the best – which invites the public to a family reunion which will quickly turn into a settling of scores and deploys in parallel extremely touching flashbacks, the last four episodes of this second season are probably less successful and less strong, even if the finale contains beautiful moments and opens doors that are sure to intrigue for the future.

Because, the gray areas surrounding the death of Paul now behind us, I promise you already tease another mystery, always linked to the character of Hugo Becker, who promises to be central in season 3. If season 3 there is , because, as always, it is the hearings that will decide the future of the Gallo family on TF1. And given the quality of this season 2, it would be a shame to stop on such a good path.

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