I promise you: a reference to Santa Claus is garbage has she slipped into the series of TF1?

In episode 6 of “I promise you”, broadcast this evening on TF1, a sequence featuring Maud (Marilou Berry) seems to refer to the film “Father Christmas is a junk” and the character of Josiane Balasko. But is the wink voluntary?

I promise you: a reference to santa claus is garbage has she slipped into the series of tf1?

Launched on February 1 to an average of 5 million viewers, I promise you, the French adaptation of This Is Us led by Hugo Becker, Camille Lou, Marilou Berry, Narcisse Mame, and Guillaume Labbé, continues this Monday evening on TF1 with two new episodes. And if episode 6, broadcast from 10 p.m., is a pivotal episode for the heroes, since the Christmas Eve of the Gallo family will be turned upside down by a revelation that will deeply shake Mathis, it also stages a very funny sequence involving Maud, who inevitably makes you think of Santa Claus is a junk. But is it really a voluntary reference to the cult film by Jean-Marie Poiré released in 1982?

In the scene in question, while Christmas is in full swing at the company where she works, Maud finds herself trapped in the basement, in a meeting room under construction. Deprived of a network on her laptop, and with no one nearby to help her, the young woman calls for help, in vain. And it is this situation, and especially the expressions of Marilou Berry when her character exclaims “Is there someone? I am locked down”, which evoke the sequences of Santa Claus is a junk during which Madame Musquin, played by Josiane Balasko, mother of Marilou Berry, finds herself locked in the elevator and begins to lose patience. Before shouting “Timer” or playing the trumpet for Pierre (Thierry Lhermitte) to come and press the button located upstairs when she finds herself in total darkness.

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“It’s funny because my mother just told me about this earlier, the reference to Santa Claus is rubbish”, admits Marilou Berry when asked if the scene in I promise you where Maud finds herself stuck in the basement was intentionally written or acted like this, in reference to the Splendid film. But according to the actress, it is probably a coincidence. “We’re told but, honestly, we didn’t think about it at all when we shot it. Anyway, it was written like that. But is it intended? I don’t think so.”.

Still, this episode 6 sequence is further proof of the extra touch of humor brought to I promise you compared to This Is Us, the original series. Moments of comedy that pass notably through Maud and Tanguy (Marc Riso), her companion, and which according to Marilou Berry were important in the construction of her character: “That touch of humor was important to me because it’s a character trait that you often find in people who need to have a shell and to protect themselves. And that’s what bothered me. a little bit in This Is Us, although, again, I haven’t seen the entire first season of the American version. This side a little withdrawn into itself, immature, a little dark, a little closed. There has to be that touch of humor. Which also exists in Chrissy Metz and in her character, because she has repartee and she sends people off. It was important for me that the humor really exists through the couple and through my character “.

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The trailer for I promise you, broadcast every Monday on TF1 and available in full on Salto:

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