I love what you are doing: Gérard Lanvin and Artus in a comedy with the false air of Ten…

I love what you are doing: gérard lanvin and artus in a comedy with the false air of ten...

Gérard Lanvin and Artus are the headliners of J’adore ce que vous faire, a comedy that takes us behind the scenes of the shooting of a film. A funny and crisp dive behind the scenes. The film comes out this Wednesday.

What is it about ?

As Gérard Lanvin prepares to shoot one of the most important films of his career in the south of France, his path crosses that of Momo Zapareto… to his greatest regret. Because Momo is a fan, very fan, too fan! For Gérard, the nightmare has only just begun…

3 things to know about I love what you do

Gérard Lanvin, buddy movie side

Throughout his long career, which began in the 1970s, Gerard Lanvin has multiplied the registers, from comedy to drama. I love what you do allows the actor to reconnect with a genre of comedy, that of the buddy movie or improbable duos, a genre with which the actor has multiplied his success. We can cite among them Walk in the shade with Michael Blanc, The ball with Benoit Poelvoorde, or even The specialists with Bernard Giraudeau.

The director and screenwriter Philippe Guillard admits having just had to make a film in the tradition of these comedies operating on the principle of the “mismatched tandem”, as The ball Where The Troublemaker.Except – which was new – that one of the two, in this case, the star, was going to play his own role”, he specifies. “Thanks to the series Dix pour cent by Dominique Besnehard, which is brilliant, it could be considered. Except that here, it’s not a story with agents, but with characters from normal life. I should have call it “Ninety Percent” in fact!“, he jokes in the press kit.

The revelation Natasha Andrews, wife of Pierre Niney in the city

Australian actress Natasha Andrews holds one of the outstanding supporting roles in this comedy. Funny and bubbly in the film, the character Artus will give her a hard time. In the city, the actress is the wife of Pierre Niney. Both met at the famous Cours Florent.

Natasha Andrews takes part in several episodes of Cast(s)created by Pierre Niney (also playing the main character of a courted casting director in Paris), Ali Marhyar and Igor Gotesman for Canal+. With its incisive dialogues and its many guests, this shortcom is renewed for two more seasons.

The actress also appears in the thriller The Great Gameworn by Melvil Poupaud and Andre Dussollieras well as in touching Tomorrow it all startsalongsideOmar Sy. From 2017 to 2021, she plays a recurring character in the series Taskswhich recounts the difficult return to Earth of the crew of a shuttle after a stay on Mars.

Philippe Guillard, from the world of rugby to the world of cinema

I love what you are doing is Philippe Guillard’s 4th feature film, after Jo’s son (2011), We wanted to break everything (2015), and grandpa sitter (2020). Philippe Guillard is a former rugby union player, who has since become a journalist, screenwriter, director and writer.

Philippe Guillard explains that the initial idea for this film came to him both from his professional past on television, and from his previous collaborations with Gérard Lanvin, with whom he shot Le Fils à Jo et Papi Sitter. “I’ve been around the notion of “popularity” for a long time: what it is, what it implies, what it provokes, why we seek it, why we come to flee from it, etc. On my small scale, I was confronted with that when I worked on Canal+. More often than not, it was comical and sympathetic, and above all benevolent (for me anyway). A few years later, having passed behind the camera, I fell back into anonymity. I accompanied Gérard Lanvin a lot on promo, and I relived, through him, scenes that I had already experienced: guys who arrive from who knows where and who never let go of him for the evening. It definitely leads to comedy.“It was from an anecdote told by Gérard Lanvin that Philippe Guillard had the click for this screenplay.

I love what you do is released in cinemas on May 18, 2022. It premiered out of competition in Alpe d’Huez

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