I lied about France 2: what is the series with Camille Lou, Thierry Neuvic, and Marilyn worth …

France 2 is launching this evening “J’ai menti”, its new event series carried in particular by Camille Lou (“I promise you”) and Thierry Neuvic. A serial killer thriller, told over two eras, which disappoints despite an enticing pitch.

What is it about ?

Audrey, 35, the only survivor of a mysterious serial killer who raged in the Biarritz region 16 years earlier, is brutally brought back to her past by a new crime: a 17-year-old girl is found murdered on the coast Basque.

Nothing links this murder to the series of crimes committed in the early 2000s by the then nicknamed the killer of Itsas. Yet Audrey is certain: Itsas is back. To prove it, Audrey will have to face her past, her lies. Because that night, when she crossed paths with the killer, she lied. Above all. To everybody.

Every Wednesday at 9:05 p.m. on France 2 from October 6, and available in full on Salto

Who is it with?

After The Red Bracelets, The Bazar de la charité, and I promise you, it is on France 2 that we find the actress and singer Camille Lou in the skin of Audrey, the heroine of I lied, who ‘she performs at two different times in her life.

Facing her, Thierry Neuvic (Mafiosa) and Marilyn Lima (Skam France) play the two cops in charge of the investigation, respectively in 2003 and 2019, while Annelise Hesme (Nina), Hubert Delattre (Zone blanche), Natalia Dontcheva (Infidèle), Roxane Bret (Sam), Hélène Seuzaret (No Limit), Stéphan Guérin-Tillié (Les Innoncents), Christopher Bayemi (Luther), Oscar Berthe (Munch), and Prudence Leroy (Plus belle la vie) complete the casting of this miniseries.

Well worth a look ?

Directed by Frédéric Berthe (Pour Sarah) and written by Olivier Pouponneau and Bénédicte Charles, who previously worked on Mirage, I Lied had something to intrigue on paper, with its serial killer reappearing after spending more than fifteen years without making a victim, and his surviving heroine who did not tell the whole truth about the night she escaped from him. And who has since lived with a guilt that she has a hard time getting rid of.

The result, which oscillates between drama and thriller with big strings, is however far from the effective and innovative thriller which one awaits. After a rather gripping start to the first episode, which lays the foundations of the story and tells the drama – then the lie that resulted from it – which sealed the fate of Audrey and the (many) characters of the series, I lied loses its strength and accumulates improbabilities, script problems, and lengths.

A lack of rhythm and narrative flaws that make all six episodes quite laborious to follow. However, I Lied addresses strong themes such as memory, guilt, or the place given to the words of victims and survivors, which are not so often at the heart of thrillers and other sagas that abound all the time. years on the small screen.I lied about france 2: what is the series with camille lou, thierry neuvic, and marilyn worth...

Unfortunately, these are a little too overflown and relegated to the background in favor of twists not very inspired and seen and reviewed, like the “revelation” of the family relationship between the two cops (otherwise it would not have been funny) or the inevitable bond between Audrey and the investigator embodied by Thierry Neuvic.

I lied about france 2: what is the series with camille lou, thierry neuvic, and marilyn worth...
Thierry Langro – FTV

I lied, which would certainly have deserved to be narrowed down to four episodes instead of six, ultimately applies especially to the magnificent landscapes of the Basque coast, very well highlighted by Frédéric Berthe’s camera. And for the performance of Camille Lou, who comes out with honors in a complex role and manages to credibly play the heroine of the series at the age of 19, in 2003, and at 35, in 2019. Which is not obvious, as the ridiculous can easily lie in wait during such great age differences.

The other actors deliver more unequal scores, but the series still benefits from the pretty alchemy between Thierry Neuvic and Camille Lou, as well as a great energy within the police station, especially in the pair formed by Marilyn Lima and Oscar Berthe.

Added to this is an ending that has the merit of not necessarily taking us where we expected, after a series of false leads that are a little too obvious. But this outcome, somewhat expedited, would have benefited from being deepened and offering us the face to face encounter that we were entitled to hope for. And above all, all this does not change the feeling of disappointment, and boredom, often, which emerges from all six episodes of the new series of France 2 which proves that a good idea does not always make for as much a successful fiction.

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