I killed my husband: what is this thriller with Erika Sainte (Les Rivières pourpres)? -…

13ème Rue is launching this evening “I killed my husband”, its new original creation worn by Erika Sainte and Antoine Gouy. A thriller about the hold and violence against women that treats the subject in a different way, far from pure realism.

What is it about ?

Anna, under the influence of her violent husband for several years, commits the irreparable during yet another argument. On the day of his charge, her life changes once again when she discovers that he is still alive and that their son is in danger. She then has no other choice but to escape.

Every Monday at 9 p.m. on 13th Street from November 29

A “popular” thriller on a more topical subject than ever

After Trauma, broadcast in 2019 with Guillaume Labbé in the main role, the screenwriter and producer Henri Debeurme, to whom we owe Les Grands, Missions, or even Christmas Flow, finds the 13th Street channel, fan of thrillers, for a new rather breathtaking and surprising original creation: I killed my husband.

Worn by Erika Sainte (Les Rivières pourpres), Antoine Gouy (Lupine), and Tiphaine Daviot (HP), this six-part series directed by Rémy Silk Binisti addresses the theme of violence against women from the angle of pure thriller, in order to to stand out from recent fictions on the same subject, more realistic, such as Jacqueline Sauvage, A la folie (soon on M6), or even Boomerang (France 2 TV movie with Corinne Masiero to come and already presented at the La Rochelle Festival).

And it is on the basis of a personal story that Henri Debeurme imagined the intrigue of I killed my husband, as he explained during a press conference organized last September in La Rochelle precisely, where the series was also shot.

I killed my husband: what is this thriller with erika sainte (les rivières pourpres)? -...
13th RU / Mika Cotellon

“The real trigger is something quite personal. One day, a very close friend told me her story, of which I was totally unaware. And I said to myself that we had to find a way to tell this kind of story. And then, I wanted to imagine a series with strong female characters, different from what we usually see in French series. I wanted to propose a real thriller, with more action than in Trauma, which was more of a psychological thriller “.

“The subject is touchy, you obviously have to work on it”, continues Rémy Silk Binisti. “To tell it in the form of a thriller seemed to us to be the most interesting. And we gave it a little color, a little relief, so that it was popular, that it reached as many people as possible. viewer to details that could betray the bad intentions that we would not necessarily see in some people “.

“What interested me was to see what happens if you spend 15 years of mistreating someone. Psychologically, what are the consequences of such an ordeal? We wanted to show it realistically, to a certain level, but also and above all in a trash and poetic way. So that we can see that it can really destroy. We really wanted to have this popular side, this pulp side that we like a lot “, adds the director who confides to have been inspired by filmmakers like Denis Villeneuve and David Fincher, and in particular the film Gone Girl.

Antoine Gouy freezing as “very toxic male 2021”

Present in almost all the sequences of I killed my husband, Erika Sainte, whom the faithful of the Purple Rivers know well, literally carries the series at arm’s length and manages to give flesh to this woman under the influence who is struggling to come out of denial , but will have to risk everything to protect her son. And kill his executioner once and for all?

“I was very touched by the character and by this opportunity”, admits Erika Sainte, who is full of praise for the work of screenwriters Sophie Dab, Lucie Frejaville, Justine Kim Gautier, and Rémy Silk Binisti. “Because for an actress, it’s a great gift to have roles, at 40, that make you dream. I told myself that it was excessively well written. I had already dealt with the influence and psychological manipulation in other fictions, and there I found the script to be very, very fine. So much so that in the 3rd or 4th episode, I wasn’t sure that it was really her husband the bad guy. “.

What if Anna “doesn’t seem like a victim at all”, because presented as a strong and independent woman, evolving in a wealthy environment, she is obviously not the only one to hide a truth behind a facade and appearances. And the actor Antoine Gouy, who plays Manuel, the famous “husband” of the title, is freezing in the skin of this husband and father well in all respects, who once the mask has fallen turns out to be an everyday monster.

I killed my husband: what is this thriller with erika sainte (les rivières pourpres)? -...
13th RU / Mika Cotellon

“Remy wanted me to play the guy we don’t trust at all”, explains Antoine Gouy. “It’s a series that haunts us for a long time and helps to decipher the society we live in. I sometimes played bastards, often extraordinary. And there what was attractive was to play an ordinary bastard. as an actor, to take hold of the psychology of these people, to understand the patterns, the mechanisms, it was fascinating. We have all known these stories, and often we say to ourselves “I hadn’t seen anything, he looked so nice. “It’s really terrible”.

The opportunity for the series to anchor itself in something very current, leaving in the closet the figure of “alpha male, on whose face it is written that he is violent”, according to Henri Debeurme. “I don’t know if we had seen that very 2021 toxic male figure on TV that much. Very much in love with his wife and his son, far from the alpha male that we have long represented and that we see quite easily. now”.

A vision similar to that of the series The Undoing, which the authors talked a lot about during the writing of I Killed My Husband. “Hugh Grant is the ideal man, the ideal mate, and in The Undoing we totally deconstruct this image”, analysis Henri Debeurme. “There is a real tendency to change patterns. There was also Big Little Lies, which brought violence into a bourgeois setting. It’s not necessarily specific to series, it’s just society that evolves”.

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