I Care a Lot on Netflix: What is this black comedy starring Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage worth?

Nominated for the Golden Globes for her role in I Care a Lot, Rosamund Pike deploys treasures of perversion to achieve her ends. Focus on this successful black comedy.


Marla Grayson is a renowned tutor specializing in older and wealthy individuals. At the expense of the latter, she leads a life of luxury. But his next victim turns out to have dangerous secrets. Marla is going to have to use her wits and cunning if she wants to stay alive.


Directed by J Blakeson – who got noticed with the very successful thriller The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2010) with Gemma Arterton – I Care a Lot is based on a cast that is as convincing as it is unexpected. In the skin of Marla Grayson, Rosamund Pike stars in this film presented last September at the Toronto Film Festival. In front of her, we find the excellent Dianne Wiest (the mother of Johnny Depp in Edward in the Silver Hands) as an elderly woman abused by Marla and Peter Dinklage, in a role of godfather of the mafia, very far from Tyrion Lannister.


Subject rarely discussed in the cinema, the third age and the fate reserved for it in retirement homes do not really appear in the top of the lists of recipes that work… And yet! J Blakeson’s film dissects here, with shuddering cynicism, the business around the outrageous exploitation of our elders. It is a whole system that is pilloried and its protagonists: legal guardians, doctors, directors of retirement homes… all are singled out for bringing to light the hypocrisy and especially the malevolence at work. Moreover, the title of the film announces the color with this emphasis “I care a lot”, meaning “I worry a lot, I am very attached to” making believe in a well-managed charity when we have affair with a wolf disguised as a lamb.

At the center of this unhealthy game, the wolf Rosamund Pike composes a fascinating character of greed and dishonesty. Beneath her appearance of a woman, well in all respects, the square millimeter and the dress to the nines, she uses and abuses her airs of a saint to play the grave pit shamelessly. She has no equal in spotting isolated and wealthy people, in order to support her lavish lifestyle. Behind his facade smile, a carnivorous instinct is revealed and a die-hard will never to give in in the face of adversity.

I care a lot on netflix: what is this black comedy starring rosamund pike and peter dinklage worth?


Precisely because she is a woman, and therefore prey according to the prejudices of a patriarchal society, she is keen to behave like a predator. And too bad if adversity, when it presents itself to her, is embodied by a dangerous Mafia godfather… in a masterful composition by Peter Dinklage. We will not reveal here why or how these two characters become antagonists, but we can admit that we are jubilant to see these two mule heads – with psychopathic tendencies – facing each other in a ruthless duel. We quickly go through the abracadabrantesque chain of events to retain only the performance of actors when this thriller turns into black and crazy comedy.

Funny scenes and devastating humor make up the last third of the film, often provoking hilarity as much as dismay. The end, a little agreed, would have deserved to be more impactful but we remember above all the panache that runs through the film.

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