Hyundai Brings Feature-Packed Staria Camper Van for Travel Enthusiasts


Hyundai to launch staria camper van model for travel enthusiasts

After the debut of the Staria MPV lineup back in March last year, Hyundai is once again back with great news for travel enthusiasts. The company has announced to offer the minivan as a camper that will make traveling even more comfortable. From a bed to kitchen and storage spaces, it includes everything you will need for a camping trip.

The camper conversion of the Staria van comes with a seating area that can be turned into sleeping area. There is also a little galley-style kitchen complete with a sink and refrigerator, sliding table, cabinets, and a drop-down infotainment screen inside.

If you wish to enjoy yourself outside, there is an option to set up an awning just like a travel trailer. In the pictures, it can be seen there is a rooftop tent installed over the camper van that might be used as an additional bedroom.

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The Staria camper can be offered in an 11-passenger body style or a shorter four-passenger model. There will be a white or black color choice for the camper, but we have little information on the pricing and availability of this one.

Hyundai to launch staria camper van model for travel enthusiasts

Image: CNET/Hyundai


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