Hunter x Hunter: a new project for the franchise adapted from the cult manga? – News Series

The social media tweets of the Japanese voices from the “Hunter x Hunter” series hinted that the cult anime might be making a comeback!

Hunter x Hunter a new project for the franchise adapted

At the moment, it’s more of a bottle thrown into the sea than an official announcement, but the hope of a return of the Hunter x Hunter series has nevertheless won the hearts of fans of the cult manga of Yoshihiro Togashi.

Han Megumi and Mariya Ise, respectively Gon and Killua’s seiyūs in the series, hinted on Twitter that new episodes could be released very soon; the two dubbing actresses have indeed posted images taken in a recording studio, two publications that do not seem to leave anything to chance or coincidence.

In his tweet, Han Megumi confides to be delighted to have found “his friend” (it could be a reference to Gon?), Specifying that new information concerning this mysterious recording will be unveiled to the public very soon. What should we deduce from it? A return of the animated series would be the most anticipated response from fans, but sadly this is an unlikely guess – with the manga not making much headway due to its sporadic release rate, so it would be surprising if The plot of the anime goes beyond that of the comic book.

Other avenues should then be considered. An animated film (several have already seen the light of day), or an OAV (special episode for the video market) for example, in order to offer a unique adventure without impacting the chronology of the manga? Or a video game maybe, the franchise Hunter x hunter remaining to this day very popular, including in France where the series continues to be discovered by new waves of spectators? Finally, it would be more disappointing, the recording of commercial or advertising spots is also possible.

Series Hunter x hunter will it be back soon, and if so, in what form? Only the future will tell us ! The animated series is currently available on ADN and Netflix, the 36 volumes of the manga can be found at the publisher Kana.