Humanscale Path Office Chair is Made From Ten Pounds of Ocean Plastic

What is an ideal office chair? A furniture piece that offers you comfort and at the same time is ergonomic, supportive to the lower back and promotes a good posture. Sure, this answer will suffice your query, but is that it?

What if I add a sustainability twist to it? For conscious environmentalists, an ergonomic chair made of ocean plastic is becoming the new favorite. Even brands like IKEA and MillerKnoll (Herman Miller and Knoll previously) see the potential of the sustainable furniture market and are doing their share to tap in.

Last year the furniture manufacturer MillerKnoll introduced an eco-friendly makeover of its iconic Aeron task chair, incorporating over two pounds of recycled ocean plastic inside. Raising the bar a level high, office furniture brand, Humanscale has recently unveiled the world’s most sustainable chair made of ocean plastic. It’s called the ‘Path Chair’.

Designed by Todd Bracher, the sustainable chair is composed of over 22 pounds (lbs) of recycled content which primarily includes 10 pounds of ocean plastic. The body of the chair is made from unpolished aluminum that makes it easy to recycle chair parts. As a result, the seats, back and arms of the chair are all replaceable and one need not worry about discarding the whole chair after it takes certain wear and tear.

Continuing with the green initiative, the fabric for the upholstery is made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester from upcycled plastic bottles. Furthermore, the fabric used doesn’t wrinkle or degrade over time since no glue is used in the upholstery binding process.

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Eliminating the need for levelers and knobs, the Path Chair also features a ‘Gravity Mechanism’ that adjusts the recline support automatically for each user. Carrying a base width of 25-inches and weighing 18kg with the armrest, the ergonomic and sustainable chair is available in 32 different colors color options for $1,230.

Path chair by human scale

Image: Humanscale

Humanscale ocean plastic chair

Image: Humanscale

Humanscale ocean plastic chair_1

Image: Humanscale

Path chair by human scale_4

Image: Humanscale

Path chair by human scale_1

Image: Humanscale

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