Hulu’s Must-Watch List: The Latest and Greatest Shows to Stream


Hulu is an American streaming service that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Since Hulu is owned by Disney, it has become the go-to streaming platform for those who want to watch all the latest shows. This streaming platform has been growing significantly, with millions of users watching their favorite shows. Hulu offers its users an extensive array of shows to watch, from classic dramas to new comedies.

In this article, we will talk about Hulu’s Must-Watch List, the latest and greatest shows to stream on Hulu, including some frequently asked questions, best practices, tips, and tricks to maximize your streaming experience.

Must-Watch List:

1. The Handmaid’s Tale: The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian show based on the book by Margaret Atwood. It follows the story of a woman called Offred, who is a member of a group of women that are used for reproductive purposes. The show follows her journey as she tries to survive in a harsh, authoritarian society and fight for her freedom.

2. Little Fires Everywhere: Little Fires Everywhere is a drama series based on the book by Celeste Ng. It tells the story of Elena Richardson, a suburban mother, and her interactions with Mia Warren, a newcomer to the community who challenges everything she knows about family, motherhood, and prosperity.

3. Normal People: Normal people is an Irish romantic drama series based on the novel by Sally Rooney. The show explores the complex relationship between two teenagers, Marianne and Connell, as they navigate their own personal journeys through early adulthood.

4. PEN15: PEN15 is a comedy series about the awkward and hilarious trials and tribulations of middle school that the creators themselves lived through in the early 2000s. The show is set in the year 2000 and chronicles the experience of two 13-year-old girls going through puberty and trying to fit in.

5. The Great: The Great is a comedy-drama television series loosely based on the life of Catherine the Great. The show follows the life of a young Catherine, who arrives in Russia as the bride of Emperor Peter III. The show is a satirical and irreverent take on the historical figure’s life.


1. How much does Hulu cost?

Hulu offers different plans, including the basic Hulu plan for $5.99 per month, the Hulu (No ads) plan for $11.99 per month, and the Hulu + Live TV plan for $64.99 per month.

2. Can I watch Hulu for free?

Hulu offers a 30-day free trial for new users. After the trial, you will be charged the fee for the plan you selected.

3. How many devices can I stream Hulu on?

Hulu allows you to stream on up to two devices simultaneously with the basic plan and up to six devices simultaneously with the Hulu + Live TV plan.

4. Can I download shows to watch offline on Hulu?

Yes, you can download shows to watch offline on Hulu, but the feature is only available on the Hulu app for Android and iOS devices.

Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks:

1. Customize your Hulu profile: Hulu allows you to create up to six profiles for different users in your household. Each profile can have its own watch history, suggestions, and favorites. Creating separate profiles will help Hulu recommend relevant shows for each user.

2. Use Hulu’s My Stuff: The My Stuff feature on Hulu allows you to save shows that you want to watch later. You can add shows to My Stuff by clicking the “+” button on the show’s page. Once added, the show will be saved to your list, making it easy to find and watch whenever you’re ready.

3. Look for Hulu’s Originals: Hulu produces some of its original content, including shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and Little Fires Everywhere. These shows are exclusive to Hulu and not available on other streaming platforms.

4. Use the Hulu app: Hulu offers its app for Android, iOS, and Windows devices, making it easy to stream your favorite shows on the go. You can also download shows to watch offline on the Hulu app, making it an ideal choice for long flights or journeys.


In summary, Hulu offers a wide range of shows and movies that are perfect for anyone looking for new content to watch. The Must-Watch List mentioned above includes some of the best shows currently available on Hulu, reflecting their audience’s diverse interests. Hulu offers different plans to suit everyone’s needs, and the subscription fee is affordable compared to other streaming platforms. In addition to Must-Watch List, the FAQs section and best practices, tips, and tricks mentioned above provides readers a good understanding of the platform, how to use it, and how to get the most out of their subscription. So, start streaming and enjoy the variety of shows Hulu has to offer!

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