HPI, The Art of Crime, Castle … atypical consultants in detective series

A typical consultants in detective series

In “HPI”, Audrey Fleurot puts her intelligence at the service of the police in order to solve investigations. Often used in detective series, an overview of these consultants who use their skills to come to the aid of the authorities …

They are not police officers, yet they put their extraordinary skills to the benefit of the police to help them solve the most complicated investigations.

These consultants like no other are a narrative spring very often used in detective series, like HPI, launched last Thursday on TF1, Astrid and Raphaëlle, whose season 2 arrives in a few weeks on France 2 or L ‘ art of crime, on the air tomorrow night.

This trend is of course not new. On the occasion of the broadcast of episodes 3 and 4 of HPI, tonight from 9:05 p.m. on TF1, Allociné offers you a retrospective of consultants of detective series, both French and American, who have managed to captivate viewers at over the years.

HPI: a gifted


In HPI, Audrey Fleurot plays Morgane Alvaro, 38 years old, mother of 3 children and cleaning lady with 160 IQ who will be recruited by the police to assist them in their investigations. His extraordinary skills will allow him to solve the most complicated murders and his fiery temperament will shake up the little habits of the police station.

Castle: a novelist

A typical consultants in detective seriesABC

Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), successful detective novel writer, finds himself embroiled in a police investigation when a killer has fun imitating the murders in his novels. He will lend a hand to the police to discover the identity of the killer. His invaluable help, which resulted in the resolution of the case, will allow him to become a permanent consultant to Kate Beckett (Stana Katic).

Astrid and Raphaëlle: an archivist with Asperger’s syndrome

A typical consultants in detective seriesPatrick FOUQUE

When Raphaëlle Coste (Lola Dewaere) turns to the police forensic archives service for one of their investigations, she meets Astrid (Sara Mortensen), a young woman with Asperger’s syndrome who is a living memory of criminal investigations. The complicity of the two young women will allow them to solve the most difficult crimes.

Season 2 ofAstrid and Raphaëlle arrives on May 21 on France 2.

Mentalist: a mentalist

Hpi, the art of crime, castle... Atypical consultants in detective seriesCBS

In Mentalist, Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane, a former host of clairvoyance shows who sees his life turned upside down when his daughter and his wife are murdered by serial killer John Le Rouge. He will then put his observation skills at the service of the CBI. Very adept at reading people and situations, he often succeeds on his own in solving investigations, much to the annoyance of Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), his teammate.

The Art of Crime: A Historian

Hpi, the art of crime, castle... Atypical consultants in detective series2018 GAUMONT / FRANCE TV

Broadcast on France 2 since 2017, The art of crime follows Antoine Verlay (Nicolas Gob), a cop fired from the PJ for insubordination who will have to team up with Florence Chassagne (Eléonore Bernheim), a renowned art historian with an overflowing imagination. The young woman will help him solve crimes related to the history of art and cultural property.

The new unpublished season of The Art of Crime is to be discovered from Friday, May 7 on France 2.

Bones: an anthropologist

Hpi, the art of crime, castle... Atypical consultants in detective series FOX BROADCASTING COMPANY

A highly skilled anthropologist, Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) works at the Jeffersonian Institute, where she studies skeletons in order to reconstruct the life and circumstances of the deceased’s death. Special agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) will then call on her in the context of criminal cases where traditional methods of identifying bodies are a dead end. Bones will follow the opposing duo as they try to tame.

Monk: a private investigator suffering from OCD

Hpi, the art of crime, castle... Atypical consultants in detective seriesUSA Network

A former police officer deeply affected by the murder of his wife, Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorders and other phobias, which prevent him from practicing. But his attention to detail and mania will allow him to pinpoint what others have not been able to see. His former colleagues will therefore call on him as a private consultant to help them solve investigations, the opportunity for Monk to resume service.

The Mantis: a serial killer

Hpi, the art of crime, castle... Atypical consultants in detective seriesJulien Lutt / CAPA Pictures / TF1

Who better to solve murders than a famous serial killer who terrorized France? In La Mante, Jeanne Deber (Carole Bouquet) agrees to come out of her isolation to track down a serial killer who copies her modus operandi, but on one condition: that her son who has become a cop (Fred Testot) is her only interlocutor.

Medium: a medium

Hpi, the art of crime, castle... Atypical consultants in detective seriesCBS Paramount Network Television

As her name suggests, Alison Dubois, camped by Patricia Arquette, is a Medium capable of seeing and hearing the dead, who will put her gift to the service of prosecutor Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) to help him investigate cases criminal. Even if the clarity of the message is not always in order, his dreams will allow to consider new avenues in the cases which do not seem able to be solved.

Sister Thérèse.com: a nun

Hpi, the art of crime, castle... Atypical consultants in detective seriesTF1

A former police officer who has now become a nun, Sister Thérèse, who leads a peaceful life in her convent, will come to the aid of her ex-fiancé, an inspector, in order to help him in his investigations. With 21 episodes on the clock, Sister Thérèse.com with Dominique Lavanant and Martin Lamotte made the heyday of TF1 for 9 years.

Lie to me: a psychologist expert in lie detection

Hpi, the art of crime, castle... Atypical consultants in detective series

Need a walking lie detector? Call on Cal Lightman (camped by Tim Roth), master in the art of “reading” his interlocutors. At the head of a group specializing in the study of behavior and emotions, he helps the government and individuals to identify what others do not see. Much loved by viewers, Lie to me was canceled after only three seasons …

Numb3rs: a mathematician

Hpi, the art of crime, castle... Atypical consultants in detective seriesCBS Paramount International

In Numb3rs, David Krumholtz plays Charlie Eppes, a genius mathematician who will help his brother, an FBI agent in his investigations. His theorems and other equations will allow him to understand the operating modes of criminals or to triangulate the position of a suspect. Even if the brothers initially chose radically different paths, his investigations will make it possible to reunite the siblings.

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