HPI on TF1: why Mehdi Nebbou and Audrey Fleurot were surprised by the end of season 1 - News Series on TV

HPI on TF1: why Mehdi Nebbou and Audrey Fleurot were surprised by the end of season 1 – News Series on TV

The finale of season 1 of “HPI”, broadcast yesterday on TF1, accelerated the rapprochement between Morgane and Karadec. A possible romance which, according to Mehdi Nebbou, surprised the actors of the series, who did not expect it to happen so quickly.


Broadcast since the end of April on TF1, the first season of HPI ended last night in front of 9.79 million faithful, for a market share of 43.6% on the whole of the public and of 48.2% on the women responsible for purchasing under the age of fifty. Confirming once again the enormous success of the phenomenon detective series led by Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou.

And if a season 2 has obviously been ordered by the channel, fans of Morgane Alvaro will have to be patient since these new episodes have not yet been shot and will not arrive until 2022 on the air.

A long wait reinforced by the frustrating side of the season 1 finale, “Man of Little Faith”, which left viewers on a mini-cliffhanger since Karadec, obviously finally decided to try a romantic approach with Morgana after having him. left hanging around at the restaurant a little earlier, rang the bell at the ex-cleaning lady with an extraordinary IQ and found her in the company of her ex, and incidentally the father of two of her children. Who she seems to have given another chance.

This turnaround is part of a willingness assumed by the writers to put obstacles in the way of a possible love story between the two heroes of the series. Even if, unlike many other crime series of the same style, the rapprochement in love and the birth of feelings in one as in the other ultimately intervened quickly in the course of the series.

A little too quickly perhaps? One thing is certain, the actors of HPI were surprised by this merger which they had not at all seen coming at the beginning.


“When we started on this project, we had only received the first 4 episodes. The next 4 were still in writing”, recently told us Mehdi Nebbou, the interpreter of Adam Karadec. “And in these first episodes, this romantic rapprochement was not at all predictable. I said to myself, ‘Karadec must really be unfriendly, he must hate this woman, because if I do not go far enough in terms of antipathy, the rapprochement will be too fast “. That’s what we said with Audrey”.

It was therefore after a long break separating the filming of episodes 4 and 5 – the first filming session ended on January 31, 2020 and the second only resumed on August 31 of the same year – that Mehdi Nebbou and Audrey Fleurot were surprised to discover what the authors had in store for their characters for the second half of season 1.

“A break was planned after the first 4 episodes, but then came the first wave of Covid in March 2020, and this break was extended. So the writers had more time to write, which could only be beneficial, because they were now acquainted with the characters, they had been able to see the first versions of the edited episodes. And when we read the scripts of the last 4 episodes of the first season, there, yes, we were really surprised with Audrey. did not expect at all this rapprochement between Morgane and Karadec “.


“I think the authors could have waited a bit”, continues Mehdi Nebbou. “With Audrey, we said to ourselves” We have to keep it under our feet if we want to do several seasons, we have to keep things for the future. “But it is a scriptwriting choice. idea anyway, for the writers, and for us in the game, was to make sure it didn’t look too fast in the end. And I hope it works on screen, because I don’t haven’t seen the last episodes yet “.

And while the comedian wasn’t expecting this possible Castle or Bones romance to kick in so quickly, he ultimately seems happy with what it brings to his character in terms of comedy and depth. “It’s pretty funny that Karadec starts to develop feelings other than friendly feelings towards this woman. Without his knowing it, too, because it’s always prettier when it goes beyond the characters. When they don’t do it on purpose. is more like “Oh damn, damn, not her, especially not her actually” (laughs). It’s a lot funnier, and maybe even deep. “.

It remains to be seen how things will evolve between Karadec and his shock consultant in the HPI sequel, which should push the daring cursor even further according to its creator Alice Chegaray-Breugnot. And for the moment, Mehdi Nebbou admits to being just as much in the dark as we are: “I haven’t read Season 2 yet, but I’m very curious to see what the writers have planned for this reconciliation.”.

The HPI trailer, which will return in 2022 on TF1:

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