HPI on TF1: what does the press think of the police comedy with Audrey Fleurot?  - News Series on TV

HPI on TF1: what does the press think of the police comedy with Audrey Fleurot? – News Series on TV

Launched on April 29, HPI follows the tribulations of a gifted housekeeper with a serious problem with authority, recruited by the police for her talents … Did the proposal win over critics?

What is it about ?

Morgane, 38 years old, 3 children, 2 ex, 5 credits, 160 IQ and a good dose of insubordination, will see her destiny as a cleaning lady turned upside down when her extraordinary abilities are spotted by the police who offer her a job as consultant. Problem: Morgane hates cops!

HPI by Nicolas Jean, Alice Chegaray-Breugnot, Stephane Carrie

With Audrey Fleurot, Mehdi Nebbou, Marie Denardaud, Bruno Sanches

Every Thursday at 9:05 p.m. on TF1 since April 29

What the press thinks …

According to Le Parisien:

“To the rather well-crafted plots (…) are added a few tasty tips to illustrate Morgane’s dazzling ideas and an effective production. A dose of originality, in the vein of” Balthazar “(TF1) or” Astrid and Raphaëlle ” “(France 2), and a High Probability to infuse humor into our confined evenings. It feels good.” 4/5

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According to Télé 7 jours:

Lots of humor, sophisticated intrigues, invigorating dialogues: the DNA of this new series has it all. But the fatal weapon of this detective comedy is Audrey Fleurot who finds in her 100% unbridled and unfiltered character the opportunity to show herself in a different light, at the same time funny, liberated, delivered and very touching. ” 4/5

According to Le Monde:

The quality of the interpretation, far above what TF1 usually gives to see, constitutes the best surprise of this imperfect but surprisingly demanding entertainment. ” 3.5 / 5

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According to Le Figaro:

“Audrey Fleurot is the heroine of this very entertaining detective comedy, with well-crafted plots, which is based almost entirely on the talent of the actress. Erin Brockovich, that in the dialogues, in which she breathed her paw, very politically incorrect, with apparent jubilation. ” 3.5 / 5

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According to Cable Sat TV:

The sparkling charm and overflowing energy of Audrey Fleurot are the main interests of this detective comedy which, without it, spares no narrative clichés of the genre. ” 3/5

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According to Télé Z:

A new “thriller”, straddling the classic series – albeit improbable – and upbeat and sassy comedy. Major asset: the actors whose real qualities of interpretation are savored. ” 3/5

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According to Télérama:

Alas, if the cast does not demerit, the whole lacks the ability to link investigation, humor and snatches of social reality. Good ideas (Morgane’s visual flashes, a digression on Les Experts…) are drowned in an aseptic and artificial realization. The North has never been so sunny, the nickel premises of the PJ are lit like a showroom. We smile, while brushing against indigestion. ” 2.5 / 5

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