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Launched on April 29 on TF1, HPI, led by Audrey Fleurot, has a series of hearings. Located in the city of Lille, the series has however upset part of the public because of a small detail of the episode broadcast on Thursday, May 13 …

Thursday, May 13, episodes 5 and 6 of the HPI series attracted an average of 9.5 million viewers. A success for the new TF1 detective series led by Audrey Fleurot. This one embodies Morgane Alvaro, a mother of a family with high intellectual potential recruited by the police as a consultant on crime scenes.

But during the broadcast of the episode “Hep & Soja”, in which a man is found murdered in the locker room of a football club, part of the audience quivered when the heroine went to Narval, the HQ of the supporters of the local club, entitled FC Lille (supposed to represent LOSC Lille, under another name for rights reasons.)

Problem: like the logo of the club founded in the city of Lille adorned with a mastiff, in reference to the nickname given to the players of the team, the logo of FC Lille represented in the series looks a little too much like that of the logo from another club in the region … that of FC Lens.

A detail that did not fail to amuse LOSC supporters, delighted that the club’s colors and its achievements are indirectly mentioned in the series, but slightly annoyed by the disturbing similarity between the logo of FC Lille and that of Lens, with the same skin and the same type of lettering. “The supporters of Losc you live it how the episode of #HPI from this evening ?“have fun like that Internet user.

A fun sense of timing since LOSC has won a match against Lens on Friday May 7th for a European qualification, scoring 3 goals to 0. “The supporters of Losc you live it how the episode of #HPI from this evening ?“have fun like that Internet user facing the visual blunder of the series.

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