HPI on TF1: the first info on season 2 unveiled, Clotilde Hesme joins the series …

The shooting of season 2 of “HPI” has just started. With the arrival to the cast of Clotilde Hesme in the role of Roxane Ascher, an IGPN investigator who will complicate things for Morgane (Audrey Fleurot) and Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou).

Hpi on tf1: the first info on season 2 unveiled, clotilde hesme joins the series...

The return of the Morgane Alvaro tornado on TF1 is becoming clearer. The filming of season 2 of HPI, still led by Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou, has indeed started this Monday, October 18 in Hauts-de-France, as announced by the channel today in a press release. Unveiling in passing the first elements of information on these eight new episodes inevitably eagerly awaited.

In this second season still supervised in writing by Alice Chegaray-Breugnot and directed by Mona Achache, Vincent Jamain, Jean-Christophe Delpias, and Djibril Glissant, Morgane Alvaro returns to service with her uncontrollable genius and her improbable look. And has not finished shaking up the procedures of Commander Karadec. But also to boost criminal investigations.

Whether it’s in the mall where she does her shopping, a farm, an assize court, or a strip club. So many new environments where the star duo of HPI will face high-flying puzzles. But for how long?

Indeed, these new episodes will see Commander Karadec being the subject of an IGPN procedure, in order to shed light on the incidents that occurred during season 1.

And it is Roxane Ascher, a stubborn and bewitching investigator played by Clotilde Hesme (The RevENTS, Crazy Love), soon to the credits of Nona and her daughters on Arte, who is in charge of the investigation. A new major character whose arrival had been teased several months ago.

His role ? Evaluate Morgane’s contribution – and havoc – in the police force. And, obviously, in order to further complicate the possible rapprochement between the two heroes of the series, Karadec will not be insensitive to the charm of this cop who looks like him.

Hpi on tf1: the first info on season 2 unveiled, clotilde hesme joins the series...
Philippe Le Roux / Itinerary Productions / TF1

In terms of family life, Ludo (Cédric Chevalme), Morgane’s ex, returned to settle in the house, Eliott (Noé Vandevoorde) is still HPI, Théa (Cypriane Gardin) still in teenage crisis, and Chloé still his mother’s favorite confidante. But not easy, when you have a brain in perpetual turmoil, to reconcile mental load, daily tasks and sentimental life.

Is Morgane finally ready for a normal life? Will she end up integrating into the police and solving her problems with authority in all its forms? And basically, is it really Morgane who needs to change her attitude? Or the world that must change? Fundamental questions that will perhaps find an answer in season 2!

Bruno Sanches, Marie Denarnaud, Bérangère McNeese, Rufus, Christopher Bayemi, and Michèle Moretti, in the role of Agnès Alvaro, Morgane’s mother, will be faithful to the post alongside Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou for this second season of HPI which should arrive on the air in 2022 on TF1.

As a reminder, the first season, broadcast last spring on the front page, had the effect of a tidal wave on the audience side, with 11.5 million followers on average over all eight episodes (replay included ), for a market share of 45% for children aged 4 and over, and 52% for women responsible for purchases under 50 (FRDA-50).

Hallucinating figures which, according to our colleagues from Puremadias, make HPI the third most watched French series in the history of television since the creation of the modern measure of its audience, in 1989, behind Dolmen and The Count of Monte Cristo . Will Season 2 manage to do as well? Or better? Answer next year.

HPI’s mistakes and mistakes:

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