HPI on TF1: Morgane and Karadec finally as a couple? The first info on season 3…

Building on its phenomenal success, “HPI” is already shooting again for a third season. After their exchanged kiss, will Morgane and Karadec become a couple? TF1 has unveiled the official synopsis of this new batch.

Just a few days after the broadcast of the season 2 finale on TF1, HPI is already filming again for eight new episodes inevitably eagerly awaited by the (many) fans of the detective series led by Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou.

Filming for season 3 began on Wednesday June 29 in the Hauts-de-France region and should last several months. The first two episodes, shot this summer, will be directed by Mona Achachewhile Vincent Jamain and Slippery Djibril will then box episodes 3 to 6, then 7 and 8.

TF1 took advantage of the announcement of the start of filming of this new batch to say more about what awaits us next year on the air in the HPI suite. And fans who were hoping to see Morgane and Karadec as a couple may be disappointed. Because if these two finally kissed in the last seconds of season 2, things will obviously still be complicated between them in season 3.

Despite this explosive kiss on which we left the two heroes of the series, Karadec is still in a relationship with Roxane. And above all, Morgane has just discovered that Romain, her ex who disappeared years ago, is not dead but has rebuilt his life with another woman in England. For the one who was already wondering if her character was scaring away the people she loves, this discovery has something to reinforce her doubts. In short, as usual with our heroine: it’s a mess!

At the start of the new season, Morgane has to deal with a broken family for the third time, a new house that is falling apart and a father who is determined to come back into her life: Serge Alvaro.

A genius schemer, HPI like her, Serge is the reflection of a Morgane who would have gone wrong. Will her return allow Morgane to learn more about herself? Because between this kiss exchanged with Karadec and the resolution of the investigation on Romain, it is to wonder if Morgane has an interest in remaining a consultant at the PJ of Lille.

Hpi on tf1: morgane and karadec finally as a couple? The first info on season 3...
Emilie Hautier/September Productions/Itinerary Productions/TF1

However, she has become indispensable to the police station and has grown very close to Céline, Daphné, Gilles and of course Karadec… who are still counting on her to solve an avalanche of crimes as complex as they are mysterious: the death of a music star in becoming, an investigation in prison, an ashram, and even a vampire in a medical school!

Still just as biting, twisting, raw and sometimes crazy, Morgane will have to keep running behind her genius brain but also behind her heart, which also seems to have decided to walk on its own.

Alongside Audrey Fleurot, who will soon shoot a new event series for France 2Mehdi Nebbou, Bruno Sanches, Marie Denarnaudand Berangere McNeeseviewers will once again find Clotilde Hesme in the role of Roxane Ascher and Patrick Chesnais in the shoes of Morgane’s father, Serge Alvaro.

While Rufus (Henry), Michele Moretti (Agnes Alvaro), Cedric Chevalme (Ludovic), Cypriane Gardin (Thea), Noah Vandevoorde (Elliot), and Christopher Bayemi (the medical examiner) will also be faithful to the post in season 3 of HPI, still supervised in writing by Alice Chegaray-Breugnot and Julien Anscutter.

Will season 3 succeed in beating the exceptional results of the second season, which brought together an average of 9.8 million viewers on TF1? Response in 2023.

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